Street dance & Salon & Exhibition

Three art and fashion exhibitions. Which one do you most want to go?

Fashion Week in Chengdu

It's time to recommend some good place for weekend~

Go out and play together!

This Weekend, HC has found clcling championships, camelot challenge, art exhibitions and single party.

The Reason to Go Out on Weekends

Go out and have fun together on weekends.

Concert & Drama & Photography Exhibition

Let's have a look these good places for weekend~

Latest Exhibition Info

Which of the following places do you want to go?

Where are you going to play?

Where are you going to play during the National Day holiday? I has helped you find it!

More Than "Stories of Yanxi Palace"

Now enjoy your own series!

The One International Women's Film Festival

While The One International Women's Film Festival is holding, I want to introduce some films that are related to women~

China's E-sports Team Wins Gold Medals!

On September 1, Beijing time, the E-sports matches of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games concluded successfully, accomplishing the debut of e-sports at the Asian Games.