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Shiwan, a Gorgeous Pottery Kiln/We??re All Smurfs World Tour

Exhibitions and Lectures in July

Outside Walls??2017 Xi??an Contemporary Art Exhibition / Calligraphy Exhibition: Central Plain Style??the Exhibition of Five Representative Henan Calligraphers ...

Barkam Photography Exhibition Opened in Chengdu

Starting from June 24, the one-month event "Photography Exhibition: Beautiful Barkam" opened at the Light and Shadow Corridor in the Wide and Narrow Alleys.

Event: Chengdu Dutch Days 2017

Event: Chengdu Dutch Days 2017Time: 2017.07.01 - 2017.07.31Add: Fangsuo Commune Chengdu (M68-70, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu at No.8, Zhongshamao Street)Hosts:...

Exhibition: Chen Hailiang Calligraphy Exhibition

Chen Hailiang Calligraphy Exhibition Opened at Du Fu Thatched Cottage.

2017 UK Carnival : English to Enjoy was Held

Bring Your Ears to London of 2017 UK Carnival was held in Sichuan Library on June 10, 2017, offering the audience a cultural feast with British characteristic...

The Fourth Day of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Wonderful Performances Staged without Stop

On the fourth day of the 6th international Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chengdu, China, inheritors fully displayed their talents...

Exhibition: Refining and Polishing – Jade Articles from Baoji Museum of Bronze Wares

Exhibition: Refining and Polishing – Jade Articles from Baoji Museum of Bronze Wares

The Imperial Summer Palace Special Exhibition Unveiled in Chengdu Museum

The Imperial Summer Palace??the Special Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Russian State Peterhof Museum Reserve was opened in Chengdu Museum on June 11, 2017,...

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Kicks Off in Chengdu, China

The 6th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Chengdu, China with the theme of "Lively Practices of Inheritance and Development&quot...