Chengdu's Generational Heritage

Some niche, unique, folk cultural manifestations now have a name - collectively called "intangible cultural heritage".

The Big Dream of a Tea Master

I'm gonna introduce you a tea performer.

Yasuhiko Hayashi: Chengdu Inspires Me

"This is what Chengdu feels like to me during my time here, with skyscrapers rolling along and a great many construction sites, filled with vigor and vitality."

Color the World of Rocks

Rock color painting, a reinvented ancient artistic form in Chinese art history, has opened a whole new world for Wei Zhijian and her apprentices.

Visit the Jinsha Site for Xia and Shang Jades

On September 24, 2017,duringthe tenth anniversary of the Jinsha Site Museum, the Jades of Jinsha Special Exhibition on Xia and Shang Jade Culture opened at Jinsha Site Museum.

Museums in Chengdu Extend Their Opening Hours

From August 1, municipal museums in Chengdu will adopt unified working hour system in summer (May 1 to October 31) and winter (November 1 to April 30).

Virtual Archaeological Experience Pavilion Archaeology Class

There is a certain mystique about archaeology. Only in films or documentaries can we see someone who squats in a pit of cultural relics and whisks the dust-covered fossils with a hairbrush. Not surpri

Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum(Mrgadava Museum) Buddha in Bamboo Forest

Founded in the beginning of 2000, the Museum has collected more than 1,000 pieces of ancient Buddhist stone sculptures along the Southern Silk Road. The museum was designed by Liu Jiakun, one of the m

Shuijingfang Museum White Liquor Workshop

Jiuyanqiao and LanKwai Fong nearby the Jinjiang River are places where the local people go for drinking. 600 years ago, Shuijing Street next to this area was also a place for people to find alcohol.

One More Walnut Cookie Please!

On Wuyuegong Street of Wenshu Monastery community, Gongting Walnut Cookie Bakery started a busy day in a chilling Autumn as usual. Two lines of customer...