What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

What Chengdu people eat for breakfast?

Pixian Douban: The Soul of Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan's douban, especially the douban made in Pixian on the northwestern outskirts of Chengdu, is widely considered in China and beyond as China's best doubanjiang.

Your New Favorite Chinese Take-out

"authentic" Chinese restaurants have been sprouting everywhere abroad.

You Should Know I Miss You (Bonus)

Make Moon Cakes Different

Your Exclusive Menu

?It is quite easy to find a Sichuan restaurant on Chengdu's streets; however, it is quite nerve-racking for many foreign friends to order in a Sichuan restaurant. Having said that, our foreign friends

Notable Sichuan Restaurants

Yuan 8 Li Classic Sichuan Restaurant It is located two stations away from Taikoo Li, and looks rather unimpressive hiding beside a market in an alley of ...

Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool

This summer, instead of turning up that air conditioner, you can cool your body from the inside out with some refreshing summer drinks.Melon Puree This is a ...

​Key Condiments that Make Sichuan Cuisine Authentic

Chinese prickly ash: Chinese prickly ash (or pepper for short) and pepper powder are a key condiment for Sichuan cuisine and play major roles for numbing-spicy,...

The Land of Snacks

Snack is an image of Chengdu, attracting visitors from far and wide. Chengdu is home to great variety of snacks, including both time honored brands such as Long...

The Fragrance of Fruits: The Map of Picking Fruit in Chengdu

With cherries in spring, grapes in summer, sweet pomeloes in autumn, tangerines in winter and many other fruits, we can say Chengdu is a land of fragrant fruits...