Dujiangyan Launches Seven Events To Promote Summer Tourism

At the news briefing on summer travel in the city of Dujiangyan held on June 30, the government, based on the demands of tourism market, launched a series of tourism products...

Travel Guides and Tips to Dujiangyan

Dujiangyan Scenic Area Dujiangyan Irrigation System isthe oldest and the only surviving dam-less irrigation system in the world.Recommended sites: Dragon-Tamin...

Hailuogou Scenic Area has been Recognized as the First National-Level 5A Scenic Area in Ganz Prefecture

Recently 20 tourist attractions including Hailuogou Scenic Area in Ganze Prefecture of Sichuan Province have been recognized as national-level 5A scenic area....

Escape Summer Heat in Ancient Towns (Part 2)

In summer, the fast pace and the scorching heat of city drive people to seek for alleviation.

It is the Season for Enjoying Lotus! (Part 2)

Lotus Appreciation Recommendation

Free Open Day in 2017 of 20 Scenic Areas in Chengdu

Free Open Day in 2017 of 20 Scenic Areas in Chengdu

It is the Season for Enjoying Lotus! (Part 1)

?The 17th rating for flowers and plants appreciation in Sichuan province has been issued.

Nonstop Flight between Chengdu and Auckland: Pay a Visit to the Middle Earth

Chengdu??Auckland Inaugural Flight Ceremony The maiden flight of Chengdu-to-Auckland direct air route was launched at 1:45 a.m. on June 13, 2017. It is Chengdu??...

Escape Summer Heat in Ancient Towns (Part 1)

In June, the temperature will continue to rise and the whole city will be surrounded by a hot atmosphere. Paying a visit to neiboring towns would be the best ...

Theme Tour: Experience Splendid Chengdu

Seasonal TourWith climate being mild, Chengdu has four distinctive seasons. Coming in different seasons, visitors would see different views. Spring flower Recom...