Life in the District of Warm Rivers

Speaking of Wenjiang, what comes up first in your head? Flora Land, agritainment, or college town? Here is Rosie's story of Wenjiang.

Chengdu's Ancient Landmark——Wangjiang Pavilion Park

Located on the south bank of Jinjiang River at East Gate, Chengdu, Wangjiang Pavilion Park is renowned worldwide for its cultural heritage.

Muli-Yading Adventure Trek

Zev Ai, hailing from Chicago, likes mangoes and making faces at dogs. When he's not doing translation work he's usually freezing his bits off up in th...

Moscow Charm

?????ҧ??? ?????اѧݧ??ӧѧ??? ?? ???????ܧӧ?! (Welcome to Moscow!)

Get a Full Glimpse of Chengdu's Circle of Friends, almost 200 Pieces of International Twin Cities Exhibits on Display

Themed on "A Close Friend From Afar Brings a Distant Land Near??, the Chengdu International Sister City Exchange Exhibition recently opened at the Chengdu Museum.

28 Scenic Areas of Xi'an Offer 50% Discount with Bullet Train Tickets

According to Xi'an Tourism Bureau, by the end of March of 2018, 28 Scenic Areas of Xi'an will offer 50% discount with tickets of Xi'an-Chengdu high-speed train.

Soak in Hot springs

It??s awesome to soak in steaming waters in winter while you see the snow mountains afar.

Wow, the best leaves-viewing ever!

The best spots of leaves-viewing

Not Taking Breaks in the Golden Autumn of October – "Home in Chengdu" Interaction, Show Off Your Golden Week Traveling

Two weeks ago, I proposed readers to post photos of their travels during the Golden Week on the Home in Chengdu WeChat platform and show off your experiences....