Popular Places for Photos in Spring

There are many some new places in Chengdu for spring trip and taking pictures.

Chengdu Bus: A Ride of Hot Pot and Joy

You can take a tour bus and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the city!

Here's a Travel Guide for You!

Thailand, the Most Popular Destination

Spring Photography Tour in Chengdu Park

Take your photography equipment, go to the parks, and you can record the beautiful moments in spring!

The Pet Cafés in Chengdu

Today we will visit a few special cafés with cuddly pets.

Fantastic Music Performance Where to Find?

Let's enjoy wonderful performances together in Chengdu!

If Chengdu doesn't get warm again...

I'm ready for holidays!

E-VISA System of Thailand will be available starting from 1 March

Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu will launch the Online E-VISA System starting from 1 March 2019 for all types of visa applications.