Twelve Classic Sichuan Dishes

Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival opening ceremony was held today, which appeals foodies all over the world to enjoy various Asian cuisines and especially our Sichuan cuisine. 

As one of the eight famous cuisines of China, Sichuan cuisine has a reputation for the profusion of ingredients and flavors. And today, I will introduce 12 classic Sichuan dishes besides the typical spicy flavor to you. Let us meet the heart of the local style of cooking!


Chinese Cabbage in Broth


This typical vegetable dish is a representative of the complicated Sichuan cuisine. Actually, the broth is the essence of this dish, it is prepared by stewing chicken, ham, pork bone and other ingredients for over 10 hours, and filtering out all ingredients. Chinese cabbage adds a sense of beauty and makes the dish in such mellow and clear broth taste wonderous. 

Tremella Soup with Rock Sugar


This dish appears on the state banquet menu many times. Soaking tremella for more than 6 hours, stewing for 6 hours, adding red jujube and rock sugar, and boiling for 5 minutes on moderate heat… This dish requires enough patience since haste makes waste. Tremella Soup with Rock Sugar, which tastes both sweet and smooth, is a cannot-miss Chinese dish for sweet lovers.

Cowpea in Ginger Sauce


Cowpea in Ginger Sauce can be rated as the "fresh style" in Sichuan cuisine. Its cooking method and visual presentation are very "green": Cut the boiled cowpea into strips and arrange them on the plate tidily, pour the sauce made of ingredients such as ginger, salt, aginomoto and sesame oil, and add some minced fresh chili… In such hot season as now, the cool dish with fresh and sour flavor appears on the dining tables of many homes quite often.


Sliced Pork with Crispy Rice


The interesting presentation process can't be missed. The waiter quickly pours a bowl of hot pork slices and soup on a plate full of crispy rice, producing a sizzling sound throughout the process, which is full of fun. This dish is very particular about the crispy rice. The rice must be even in thickness, dry and not have any burning smell, thus the dish can taste delicious and smell fragrant. 

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs


This dish appears in Shanghai cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. The Sichuan cooking-style has its distinctive features. The dish, after boiled, marinated, oily-fried and stir-fried, looks like amber-glistening, tastes fragrant, sweet and sour. It can serve as a snack or an appetizer.

Fatty Beef in Sour Soup


Due to its sour and spicy flavor, the customers often mistake it as a type of Guizhou Cuisine. The delicious smell makes one's mouth water. Tender and tasty fatty beef and clear noodles, needle mushrooms and other side dish are soaked in the bright yellow soup made of wild peppers, yellow peppers, etc., which can not only improve one's appetite, but also warm one's body immediately.


Stir-Fried Chicken with Pickled Bean Sprouts


When the vegetable oil is heated on lows, the pickled bean sprouts should be fried. When the oil is hot, the chili pepper and chicken should be added to be stir-fried together – it takes less than 20 minutes for the whole process. The Stir-Fried Chicken with Pickled Bean Sprouts has the title of "rice killer", because it has two classic ingredients: chili pepper and pickled sprouts.

Baked Egg with Minced Meat


There are only two simple steps for this famous Sichuan dish’s cooking. First, add oil into the pot, stir-fry the minced meat then dish up. Secondly, pour the beaten eggs into the pan and bake them. If you see the edge of eggs begins to expand, top it with the minced meat. Crispy and tasty, you will find this dish impressive.

Braised Chicken in Ginger Sauce


Ginger sauce is mainly used in the cold dishes of Sichuan cuisine, but when combined with the dishes, it has a different flavor. Ginger sauce and chicken in stone bowl makes full use of the original taste of ginger, and its main ingredient, spring chicken, is turned into tasty meat and moist but not greasy, which earns great acclaim from customers. It was once on the list of the "Top 10 Sichuan Dishes" chosen by the International Food & Tour Festival of China.


Mixed Meats and Vegetables


This dish with mellow soup and good taste has a secret: It is made of pig tripe, pig heart, pig tongue and other side dishes such as carrots and turnip. In front of these internal organs, do you have the guts to try? In addition, this dish always plays an important role in the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, because it implies that everything goes wel. 

Fried Prawns with Tomato Sauce


To cook this dish, we have to clean the prawns, marinate with salt, coat the prawns with flour, and deep-fry the prawns until they become gold. Then, we come to the most important step: mix with the tomato sauce, sesame oil, salt with sugar and pour the mixture into the pot; at last, put the prawns in and braise for a while. After that, the dish fried prawns with tomato sauce is finished. 

Fish Rolls with Salt and Sichuan Pepper


It is a representative of Sichuan cuisines in the salt and pepper flavor. This flavor is created by salt and Sichuan pepper. During the cooking of Fish Rolls with Salt and Sichuan Pepper, grass carp should be cut into pieces and fried with salt and Sichuan pepper after deep frying, so as to make the fish rolls tasty and well-cooked. The Sichuan pepper will smell fragrant, and taste good, while the fish rolls are crispy, and the fillings are rich and juicy, delivering multiple layers of flavors. 

All the dishes are provided by Niccolo Chengdu.

Photos by Febe

All rights reserved. 


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