See Exhibtions in an Off-Peak Way

During "May Day" holiday in 2019, museums in Chengdu were crowded with visitors. According to statistics, there were nearly 700,000 visits to museums in Chengdu by May 4. 

 Don't worry if you didn't catch up with the "May Day" museum cultural adventures, as these interesting exhibitions are still "staged"! This week, we are going to welcome an "off-peak" cultural tour!


●BVLGARI「SerpentiForm」Spirit Snake Legend Special Exhibition

Based on the theme of snakelike (dragon shape) art shared by the East and the West, a total of 183 pieces/sets of precious exhibits were put on show, which contrasted the snakelike artworks in the ancient civilizations of East and West and contemporary art creation.


Highlights:Visitors can appreciate the bronze snakes used in the sacrificial activities of Ancient Shu Kingdom, costumes of opera Turandot, and huge scroll paintings of Dragons.  

Time: 2019 April 30 – 2019 August 25

Location: Speical Exhibition Hall, Floor 1, Chengdu Museum

Charge: Free


● Food is Heaven – Cultural Tour on Dining Table Special Exhibition

Chinese diet has a long history, and as a food-making utensil and carrier, all kinds of cookware and tableware are constantly developing and evolving. The exhibition will present the historical development of Chinese food culture and show the impact of the rich Chinese dietary culture on the world dietary culture.


Hightlights:A total of 122 pieces (sets) of ancient precious cultural relics are exhibited. Would you like to see what the ancient people use to eat? Come and have a taste of this "big meal" of exhibition.   

Time: 2019 April 30 – 2019 June 9

Location: Temporary Exhibition Hall, No.4 Floor3, Chengdu Museum

Charge: Free

●Auspiciousness in Peaceful Era – Ming and Qing Dynasty Ivory Carving Art Exhibition

More than 100 pieces (sets) of Ming and Qing Dynasty ivory carvings covering different functions such as sacrificial sacred relics, utensils, decorative items are exhibited, presenting the exquisite craftsmanship and cultural connotation of ivory carving art.


Highlights:Whether it's ivory carving Chinese cabbage with multiple layers, or the folding fan painted on nearly two hundred characters whoes faces and hands on both sides are sticked with ivory carving, and ivory-carved butterfly-patterned pomegranate-shaped cover box, you will definitely feel the superlative craftsmanship in ancient times.

Time: 2019 April 16 – 2019 June 23

Location: Basement Floor 1, Exhibition Hall, Jinsha Site Museum

Charge: Free (admission fee of 70 yuan/person is required)

● "Hello, ONE PIECE by Oda Eiichiro, Luffy Is Coming"Special Exhibition

ONE PIECE is a comic work created by Japanese cartoonist Oda Eiichiro when he was a junvenile. As the second official exhibition of ONE PIECE in Mainland China, Chengdu creates the first record of holding an animation art exhibition at the provincial museum.


Highlights: The tour exhibition in Mainland China is supervised by Oda Eiichiro in person. It has a selection of more than 100 classic illustrations and giant-sized original painting for the first time in the world. In addition, there is a restoration as per original proportion of Oda Eiichiro's workbench. You will be reminded of young blood memories.

Time: 2019 January 30 – 2019 May 10

Location: Temporary Exhibition Hall of Sichuan Museum

Charge: Student ticket 80 yuan/person, senior citizen/child ticket 60 yuan/person, adult ticket (working day) 110 yuan/person, adult ticket (holiday) 120 yuan/person.

● Meet at Firewood Gate – Liu Yunquan's Calligraphy and Painting Artwork Exhibition

Chinese professional calligrapher and painter Liu Yunquan holds his solo exhibition at Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum for the first time. He will present 30 pieces of calligraphy work, 50 pieces of paintings and some manuscripts that he has never exhibited in public.


Highlights: Most of the artworks exhibited this time are closely related to Du Fu and thatched cottage, for example, the exhibition title "Firewood Gate" is adopted from one of Du Fu's representative poems named Firewood Gate. Sage of Poetry, Du Fu's sentence thousands of years ago is now extended by calligrapher and painter to calligraphy and painting works, is worthy of appreaciating.

Time: 2019 April 19 – 2019 May 13

Location: Calligraphy and Painting Academy Art Gallery, Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Charge: Free

● Fashion in Late Qing Dynasty – Copperplate Etching Exhibition at Garden Collection of Dongguan

Copperplate etching, also known as "Western Copperplate Etching", was invented in 15th century and is an intaglio printed painting based on copperplate. The exhibition will focus on the collection of more than 50 pieces of copperplate etching in Dongguan Garden Museum, showing Chinese life style in the eyes of Western artists.


Highlights: The exhibition is divided into two parts: Chinese view and vulgar life. From the diverse subjects such as architecture, people, customs, scenes and scenic spots, you can see the scenery of streets and learn about the lives of ordinary people and people's livelihood.

Time: 2019 April 25 – 2019 June 24

Location: Talents Exhibition Hall, Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall Museum

Charge:  Full-price ticket 50 yuan/person, limited concessions 25 yuan/person.

● Clangorous Tang Dynasty's Musci – Yongling "Twenty-Four Musicians and Dancers" Music Cultural Exhibition

The music cultural relics on display are ancient musical instruments restored from the "twenty-four musicians and dancers" enchased on coffin platform of the former Shu Kingdom's founding emperor Wang Jian's burial chamber of Yongling Tomb Museum, which fully reflects the palace band combination of Tang Dynasty and the Former Shu.


Hightlights: Ancient musical instruments that are unheard today such as blowing leaves, panpipe, spiral shell, hichiriki, Konghou, Kakko are presented on the exhibition, allowing the visitors to experience the magnificent beauty of the late Tang dynasty palace.

Time: 2018 December 1 – 2019 June 18

Location: Yongling Tomb Museum

Charge: Free


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