Not in the mood. Somebody praise me!

This March, "praise group" went viral in China. No matter what you've been through, if you send a theme in the group, and the members would praise you right away. "Praise service", a new business trend is growing rapidly.



Like this 


A: This math puzzle is tough, I can’t solve it. Somebody praise me.

B: Isn't this kind of puzzle made for Newton? You must be as intelligent as Einstein to read it!


A: I overslept, got criticized because of being late, feeling so sad.

B: Oh! You must be so happy to have such great sleep quality.


A: It took me few hours to finish the CV, feeling a little grumpy. Somebody praise me.

B: The reason why you took so long is that you got so many excellent experiences to write about!


Failed in losing weight? Give me some praise! Went through a break-up? Give me some praise! Got rejected by the boss? Give me some praise!


What is praise group?


The predecessor of praise group is the compliment group established in Douban 5 years ago. The original intention of the group was to inspire members who were unconfident or got knocked and to praise those who did good things. The group was founded by users in 2014, and now there are more than 110,000 group members.


Praise group first attracts huge attention was due to a Weibo post. On March 8th, a Weibo user shared that her boyfriend introduced her into a praise group as a surprise on the Women's Day. After that she was praised by hundreds of members with all kinds of complimentary.


At this point, sentences like "XXX, somebody praise me" quickly occupied major social medias. And the whole thing reached climax because of the "epic-like" debate contest about praise group between Tsinghua University and Peking University on March 17th. During the debate, Tsinghua University, as the affirmative side, supported students to join the "praise group". They believed that praise can comfort unhappy emotions. The counter side, students from Peking University, believed that social pressure is too great to solve simply by asking for comfort. Students should see their own deficiencies in the criticism and improve their ability to bear stress so as to better adapt to society.


Since then, praise group developed in two directions of "paid praise" and "free praise". The main force of the free praise group is students of major colleges and universities. They quickly established the campuses’ own praise group. Among them, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other famous universities are the most active ones. On the WeChat platform, a large number of "praise" WeChat applets developed by individuals or companies are also emerging.


Many e-commerce platforms provide paid praise. The products offered include quality praise, fine praise, tailored praise and high-end praise. The prices are 50 yuan/5 minutes, 80 yuan/5 minutes, 100 yuan/5 minutes, and 200 yuan/5 minutes respectively.


Regarding the social impact of the praise group, the opinions are varied:


Zhihu Tencent Official Account: praise group is only the result of public sentiment blowout, thus it is difficult to form a lasting sticky interaction.


Yangcheng Evening News: professionally speaking, the existence of praise group has a positive meaning, but after all, it is a spontaneous act of young people and not well-organized. Therefore, the priority should be the construction of a social psychological service system in the whole society.


International Financial News: The rapid growth of praise group is not unexpected, in which social media platforms played a decisive role, especially the three major platforms as of Weibo, Douban and WeChat. However, it results from people's huge anxiety and insecurity, which could be short-lived and difficult to grow into large scale.


Well, as far as I'm concerned, life is already a struggle, and hearing some praises may be helpful.


You can leave a message in the comments section to share your thoughts, and I will introduce you to a Chinese-English praise group!


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