If Chengdu doesn't get warm again...

    Although it's not April yet, it is too cold in March for Chengdu. Occasional drizzles make it worse. It might be a good time to search for tour destinations and make travel plan for this year!


    The visa application for Japan is simplified.

    Specifically, visitors who have traveled to Japan via a personal tourist visa twice or more in the past three years can apply for multiple round-trip visas only by passport and application form submission.

    Undergraduates, postgraduates, and students graduating in the past three years from the 1243 universities/colleges under the Ministry of Education can use their student certificates or diploma instead of financial ability verification for a maximum of 30 days without additional asset proof.



    Thailand's landing-free visa policy is extended to April 30, 2019. Of course this requires no more than 15 days stay.

    It's very suitable for short holidays.



    To apply for a Canadian visa, if an Alipay user has a sesame credit score of 750 or higher, he/she can use this score as a financial proof instead of a bank account statement and/or deposit certificates.

Moreover, the mutual recognition of tourist visas between China and Canada can be as long as 10 years. If you get a 10-year multiple-entry visa for Canada (you can stay for up to 6 months for each entry), you can be granted visa-free entry to another 9 countries and regions including Philippines, Honduras, Dominica, Bermuda, South Korea, Singapore, Costa Rica, Panama, and Turkey.


Chile & Argentina

Since January this year, the two countries have begun issuing tourist visas for Chinese citizens with the "Argentina-Chile Travel" label, also known as "Integrated Visa". Once holders of this visa enter the visa issuing country, they can enter and exit Chile and Argentina multiple times within 90 days.


Update for Direct Flights

In 2018, six new direct international flights were opened from Chengdu to: Copenhagen, Cairo, London, Zurich, St. Petersburg and Tel Aviv in Israel. 

In 2019, Chengdu is expected to open more than five regular direct international flights. Currently, it has opened a flight from Chengdu to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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