Free Scenic Spots Recently

In the twinkling of an eye, the whole spring festival has wrapped up.

However, we have been working for more than a week, and many scenic spots are still free or with discount out there! Alas! You have to find some time to get outdoors again.


China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda, Dujiangyan Base

On March 1st (next Friday), Dujiangyan base will be open for one day free of charge among scenic spots that Chengdu has built with public resources.

FYI, the original ticket price is RMB 58. What can be more pleasant than seeing pandas? Seeing pandas for free!


Zhuxi Lake 

Zhuxi Lake will have its turn of open day on March 8.

It happens to be Women's Day. Why not celebrate the day among the forests?


Micang Mountain 

The ticket-free tour to the Micang Mountainat the Guangwu Mountain Scenic Area will last until February 28.

The Micang Mountain in Bazhong boasts four great scenes in winter: crystal rimed pines, wonderful hanging ice, vast sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset, which are definitely worth a visit.


Taoping Qiang Village

The off-season ticket-free tours will last until March 10.

Taoping Qiang Village is located in Li County, Aba Prefecture. With more than 2,000 years of history, it is one of the best-preserved watchtowers in the world.


Taiziling Ski Resort

During the snow season of 2018-2019, the Jiuding Mountain Taiziling Ski Resort will provide 50 free appointments every day for college students in the Sichuan-Chongqing area on its WeChat mini program, including tickets to scenic spots and all-day ski passes. 

How could you resist skiing in winter?


    In addition, due to the incomplete site survey work at the Leshan Giant Buddha, tourists are unable to see the whole Giant Buddha, the ticket is now half-priced. More than 280 A-level scenic spots in Guizhou Province have a 50% discount on the ticket prices for Sichuan residents until February 28.Scenic spots of Grade 3A (and above) in Tibet are free of charge, and ticket price for scenic spots below Grade 3A is halved from the off-season price. Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area will open for free with free parking until March 31.


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