Still thinking about the long holidays?

Let's cherish the left happy days of the Spring Festival and make the most use of it!

Wuhou Folklore Fair and Jinsha Sun Festival are mentioned many times and you might have been there already. Today I'm going to introduce to you something new.

Floraland Wenjiang Folklore Fair

There's definitely more fun in Floraland during Spring Festival. Folklore fair, lantern shows, firework display, laser-water show, and interactive games are all presented.

Price: RMB 39.90/person (night time)

Open time: From today to Mar. 3

Mcdull Dream Lantern Festival at Chengdu Happy Valley

Watch cute lantern show with Mcdull and McMug.

Price: RMB 79/person (night time)

Open time: From today to Mar. 10

Chengdu International Hakka Folklore Lantern Festival

Activities including lantern show, flower show, folklore market, snack fair, and Hakka custom experience are all available.

Price:RMB 80/person

Open time: From today to Feb. 28

Lighting Arts Exhibition in Zhanqi Village, Pidu District

Experience the lunar New Year surrounded by traditional colored latern shows.

Ticket: Free

Open time: From today to Feb. 19

2019 Chengdu Phoenix Dating Lantern Festival

You could spend the day touring Pingle Ancient Town and then at night appreciate the  Phoenix Dating Lantern Show. Good choice for Valentines' Day.

Price: RMB 30/person

Open time: From today to Mar. 4

If you have more time to spare, you can always choose from the following nearby lantern shows.

Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Show

I don't need to say much about it, do I?

Ticket: RMB 130/person from 1st to 15th day of the first lunar month (or Feb. 5 to 19). RMB 60/person from Monday to Thursday. RMB 90/person from Friday to Sunday.

Open time: From today to the end of March

Ya'an Panda Lantern Show

Only one hour ride from Chengdu to Ya'an via fast train.

Price: RMB 38/person

Open time: From today to Feb. 19

One more thing!

The 19th Chengdu Yuanxiao Trade Fair will take place at Chengdu New Century Convention and Exhibition Center from Feb. 11 to 20, you can shop for food, clothes and cultural and creative products, or taste the sweet rice ball and play riddles for a warm and exciting Lantern Festival that falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month ( Feb. 19).




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