A March Filled with Films

  In most cases, March is an off-season for movie-goers because it sits between the "Spring Festival blockbuster-season" and "May 1 blockbuster-season". The third month of the year is usually marked by a lack of big releases, a decline in ticket price, and a lukewarm market that feeds off of the frenzy and energy remaining from Spring Festival. Yet, this March is no ordinary March. A bevy of heavy-hitters have locked in their premier dates, including remake of Disney classics and a long-awaited mega hit from Marvel Studios, as well as Green Book, the recent winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture.

  Here is a list of some must-see films in the silver screen tide of March. Check them out at a theatre near you!

Green Book

Directed by: Peter Farrelly

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Biography

Release Date: 2019.03.01

Score on Douban: 8.9

  It's the recent winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture. Two men that are polar opposites in skin color, social class, personality and sexual orientation become lifelong friends because of a road trip. Heart-warming story, smart and unpretentious sense of humor, and remarkable music makes it a truly worthy outing for the cinema!


How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Directed by: Dean DeBlois

Genre: Animation/Fantasy/Adventure

Release Date: 2019.03.01

Score on Douban: 7.6

  I want a pet gragon too!!!


Natsume's Book of Friends: Tied to the Temporal World

Directed by: Takahiro Ōmori/Hideaki Itō

Genre: Drama/Animation/Fantasy

Release Date: 2019.03.07

Score on Douban: 8.8

  Just like the others of the Natsume's Book of Friends series movies, it's equipped with a solid script, music and voice-acting, and more importantly, a touching and inspiring story.


Captain Marvel

Directed by: Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck 

Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Adventure

Release Date: 2019.03.08

  For fans craving for another dose of superhero awesomeness since Avengers: Infinity War, get ready for Captain Marvel, who will once again save all Marvel-addicts along with the rest of the universe.


The Crossing

Directed by: Bai Xue

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 2019.03.15

Score on Douban: 8.0

  At the 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival, The Crossing garnered major accolades including Fei Mu Awards for Best Film and Best Actress. In February 2019, the movie was also invited to function as the opening film for the Discovery segment of the Toronto International Film Festival. We are counting on it to be as wonderful as its remarks. 


  Those ready to pitch tents at the theatre, remember to leave me a message...we can tent together, and I can bring marshmallow. Just kidding~


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