Restaurants along Chengdu Metro Line 3 Part 2


Chengdu Metro Line 3 Phase III

Station: Botanical Park Subway Station

Fan's Chunmanyuan Bean Curd Noodles

It is a time-honored bean curd noodles restaurant. While fully appreciating slippery and tender bean curd and tasty noodles mixed with spicy meat sauce, you will not be surprised why it is called the memory of Chengdu gourmets.

Address: No.99 Tianhuixia Street, Tianhui Town, Jinniu District

Walking distance: about 600m from Botanical Park Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 8/per person


Station: Sanhechang Subway Station

Xianjiangwang Cold Pot

Rabbit, frogs, and corydor as can be eaten together in spicy soup! No doubt it is a paradise for spicy food fans.

Address: No. 93, Heng'er Lane, Huimin Road, Xindu District

Walking distance: about 1,000m from Sanhechang Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 60/per person



Station: Machao West Road Subway Station

Xiao Pancake Roll

It is the strong recommendation of Xindu locals. It is not even a restaurant but a simple food stand in the street, but people will drive dozens of kilometers only to have a taste of it. Shredded radish in home-made sauce is wrapped in thin pancake, and supplemented by a little mustard. What better taste do you expect!

Address: Nanmen Bridge, Xindu District

Walking distance: 1,000m from Machao West Road Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 7/per person


Station: Subway Station of Southwest Petroleum University

Zeng's Pancake

If you happen to get off at Subway Station of Southwest Petroleum University on Metro Line 3, it is highly recommended that you try the newly-cooked pancake with beef stuffing. In addition to stuffing of marbled beef, you can also choose stuffing of deep-braised pork, intestine or cold noodles. A warm pancake in hand, you can start your new search for good food.

Address: No. 84, Zhuangyuan Street, Jing'an Road, Xindu Town, Xindu District

Route: Get off at Subway Station of Southwest Petroleum University on Metro Line 3, change to Bus X02, and get off at Guihu Forest Square Stop①.

Average consumption: RMB 12/per person



Through such lively food introduction, you might have been deeply impressed with this "Route of Gourmets" of Chengdu Metro. While enjoying food and drinks along the route, it is sincerely suggested you take pictures of the four brand new art stations and post them in you WeChat Moments!




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