Restaurants along Chengdu Metro Line 3 Part 1

Chengdu Metro Line 3 has successfully connected large and small restaurants in Chengdu. Since its opening, it has been regarded as the "Route of Gourmets" in Chengdu. Living up to people's expectations, the second and third phase of this line connected Shuangliu in the south and Xindu in the north on December 27, 2018. Wow! " Route of Gourmets" is extended even wider!

The following is a road map of the new stations along Phase II and Phase III of Chengdu Metro Line 3. Let's make it simple. Take a ride with us and see the highly recommended restaurants around the new stations of Metro Line 3!



Chengdu Metro Line 3 Phase II


Station: Chuanzang Flyover Subway Station

Pang Gelia Crab Clay Pot

If you take the Metro Line 3 from Taipingyuan to Shuangliu, do remember to try this signature crab pot, where chicken feet can be added to the pot for your preference! The soft chicken feet and delicious crab meat is cooked in sweet and spicy soup, which is a must-taste for its countless regular customers.

Address: 4F-007, Joy City Mall, Chengdu;

Walking distance: about 850m from Chuanzang Flyover Subway Station;

Average consumption: RMB 70 /person




Station: Wuqing South Road Subway Station

Xiaohunzhang Fried Food in Pot

It is a clean and tidy restaurant with warm orange lights. You can taste the spicy and prickling fried duck feet and spicy and prickling grilled fish to your heart's content.

Address: 3F-H, 3rd Floor, Wuhou Wuyue Plaza, No. 77 Shunjiang Section, Wuhou Avenue

Walking distance: about 550m from Wuqing South Road Subway Station;

Average consumption: RMB 62/per person



Station: Hangdu Street Subway Station


In cold winter, Chengdu people often eat a lot of hot-pot of different styles and it is easy for them to accumulate too much heat in the body. So we recommend this restaurant where you can order a pot of soup with safflowers and lotus root. Put some vegetables and pork ribs in the soup, and you can enjoy a nutritious meal.

Address: No. 3016 on F3, Shuangliu Wanda Plaza, No. 399 Section 2 of Xingkong Road

Walking distance: about 1.3km from Hangdu Street Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 54/per person



Station: Dongsheng Subway Station

Shuangliu Laoma Rabbit Head

This is time-honored restaurant. Its vacuum-packed spicy rabbit head is usually a must-take-away for customers coming outside of Chengdu. Its spicy boiled duck intestine and buck wheat noodles with shredded chicken also win countless praise from the customer.

Address: No. 85 Qingtai Road, Shuangliu District (near the former bus station)

Walking distance: about 600m from Dongsheng Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 52/per person



Station: Shuangliu Square Subway Station

Sister Cai's Sweet Potato Noodles with Pork Intestine

The restaurant decoration is simple and the food is sufficient regarding its price. You can begin with the spicy and prickling cold pork appreciation followed by a bowl of traditional intestine and sweet potato noodles. The intestine is washed very clean and easy to chew with a little spicy taste. Many local Chengdu diners have been regular customer to this restaurant since childhood.

Address: Section 3, TV Tower Road, Dongsheng Street, Shuangliu

Walking distance: about 900m from Shuangliu Square Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 29/per person



Station: Sanliba Subway Station

LiujiZuixichang Basin Barbecue

It is fun to meet with a group of friends and sit around the fire to make authentic Xichang barbecue! You will thumb-up at such gourmet gala when you taste the barbecued egg plant, small intestine, marbled pork, organic pork or chopped chicken.

Address: West Station Light Football Stadium, South Section 4 of Zangwei Road (Shuangliu District)

Walking distance: about 880m from Sanliba Subway Station

Average consumption: RMB 23/per person



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