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In the 2019 Spring Festival, the Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth took the box office of the Chinese Lunar New Year movie season by storm, successfully broke through the 4-billion-yuan mark and ignited the sci-fi boom in China.


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The film is inextricably linked to Chengdu. It was adapted from a science fiction novel by Liu Cixin which was first published in the July issue of Science Fiction World19 years ago in 2000 in Chengdu. Science Fiction World has been published in Chengdu for 40 years, and the long science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem it rolled out, won the Hugo Award, the world's highest award for science fiction.


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Science fiction is a vast field full of whimsy. The unconstrained imagination and powerful logical support constantly attract people to challenge their thinking mode. In recent years, the global publication of the Chinese science fiction The Three-Body Problem and the adaptation of The Wandering Earth have all aroused the Chinese to have a broader discussion on the future of man and nature, as well as the reality of science and technology and human-machine relations.

Chengdu is now trying to impress people with its rich sci-fi resources. 

So, apart from reading Science Fiction World, there are some other options for you to experience its sci-fi atmosphere. 


Sichuan Science and Technology Museum: Good place to feel the cutting-edge technologies

After the transformation, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum has adopted AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies, added many interactive projects, and opened up the Robot World exhibition hall. The museum is committed to build a national science center that integrates scientific experience, scientific popularization, and scientific and technological innovation.



If you want to experience a sci-fi world with many cutting edge technologies, it's the best place to go. Sichuan's most advanced science and technology forces are showcased here, also various sci-fi cultural exchange activities of Chengdu are frequently held. Keep an eye on their official website to get the latest news!

Address: Inside the Sichuan Exhibition Hall, No. 16, Section One of Renmin Middle Road, Chengdu (North Side of Tianfu Square)


Time Vision Science Museum: Access to many precious manuscripts

On January 13, 2019, Chengdu Time Vision Science Museum opened in Wenjiang District. As a non-government science museum, although the exhibition area is not large, it has collected many sci-fi representative works and periodical treasures dating back to the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are precious manuscripts of famous Chinese popular science writers such as Ye Yonglie, Bian Yulin, Zhang Wenjing, Dong Renwei, Wu Xiankui, and even the magazine Illustrated Fiction which published China's first original science fiction novel 100 years ago! Science fiction fans can quench their science thirst here and learn about the history of science fiction creation in China.


Address: No. 118, Section Three of Guanghua Road, Chengdu 


Scifispace: Known as China's First Sci-Fi Cultural Space

With the development of sci-fi culture in Chengdu, the number of various sci-fi startups is also increasing, and Scifispace is a representative one. It is a sci-fi culture–themed café and sci-fi elements is everywhere. In addition to the cool original spin offs and handmade models, all kinds of collector's editions, new editions, and signed editions of sci-fi books can be purchased or borrowed here. It also regularly hosts fantasy events with different sci-fi themes.

Highly recommended~




Address: A-411, Poly Center, No. 1,Jinxiu Road, Chengdu


"Steel Moon" of Show City Shijing Cultural Industrial Park: Paradise for American comics fans

It is mainly engaged in American comics, and there are about 2,500 copies of American comics series on sale, including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers, Aliens, Warcraft, Star Trek, Halo, Disney and other categories and brands. Most fo them are Marvel comics.



Address: 3rd Floor, "Iron Man Building", Show City Shijing Cultural Industrial Park No. 18, Changshun Upper Street, Chengdu


Chengdu is showing the modernity of Ba-Shu culture on the way of becoming the Sci-Fi Capital City of China. Looking forward to a more splendid sci-fi future in Chengdu!



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