Fantastic Music Performance Where to Find?

With the construction of the "International Capital of Music", the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music is officially settled in Chengdu from 2019. Other urban music brand events like "Chengdu Autumn" International Music Season, Chengdu International Music (Performance) Facilities and Equipment Expo, Chengdu Street Art Performance will be consecutively promoted as a worldwide music events, which aims to enhance Chengdu's international reputation and influence in high-quality music performance.

As more and more internationally renowned music performances are staged, Chengdu never stops improving its performance venues. There are 37 large and medium-sized music performance venues, which not only bring a new music experience to the citizens, but also strongly back up Chengdu for the construction of an international music capital.


Let's enjoy wonderful performances together in Chengdu!


●For Music Concert


√ City Music Hall - coexistence of outstanding appearance and comprehensive function


The City Music Hall was initially built at the end of 2018, and the Chinese Symphony Orchestra New Year Concert Audition was held on December 29, 2018. It is expected to be fully utilized in June 2019. It consists of a 1565-seat opera hall, a 1392-seat concert hall, a 400-seat drama hall, a 200-seat small concert hall, and related facilities. As one of the most attractive performance venues for Chengdu people, in the future, classical music concerts, pop music concerts, traditional operas and experimental drama performances can all be staged here.

Features: Chengdu City Music Hall is the representative of China's fifth-generation grand theatre, and the third largest comprehensive theater in China and the largest comprehensive theater in western China. In the City Music Hall, the concert hall of "Iced Lotus Flower", which integrates outstanding appearance and sound-reflecting boards, and the opera hall with the holographic image and "Sun God Bird" dome, will both bring stunning audio-visual appreciation.

Address: Intersection of South Section 1 of First Ring Road and Minzhu Road


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Icon • Cloud Concert Hall

As an emerging performance venue in Chengdu, a number of international orchestra concerts have been held here.

Address: China-Europe Center, No. 1577 Tianfu Avenue



Chengdu Art Center Telunsu Concert Hall

A performing arts center known to Chengdu people. A few days ago, China's first e-music theater, the Playhouse International E-music Theater, was added.

Address: No. 48, Shuinianhe Road


● For Singing Concert


√ Wuliangye Chengdu Financial City Performing Arts Center——"A New Platform for Music Industry in Western China"


Since its opening in November 2017, it has hosted many domestic and international singing concerts for singers including Jessie J, Zhang Xinzhe, Li Yuchun, Zhang Liangying, Lin Junjie, Yang Zongwei, Mo Wenwei and Zhang Jie. With nearly 12,000 seats and 34 VIP boxes, the venue can host large-scale concerts, e-sports competitions, and sports events.

Features: It is the largest indoor comprehensive performance venue in Southwest China. It is also one of the largest performing arts venues in China with the most advanced facilities, the most functions and the highest flexibility.

Address: 1777 North Section of Tianfu Avenue

●Performance / Stage Play / Drama


√ Sichuan Song and Dance Theater – "Pearl of the Land of Abundance"


The Sichuan Song and Dance Theatre was founded in 1953. Currently, there are song and dance troupes, opera groups, orchestras, and folk orchestras in the theater. The main building of the theater is in elegant European-style with a standard and professional stage, and with a accommodation capacity of more than 1,000 people.

Features: It is a comprehensive art organization that integrates artistic creativity, planning, performance and production. It is known as the "Pearl of the Land of Abundance" and "The Wonder of Chinese Art Garden". It is where Chinese and foreign art performances are staged. The Happy Mahua series drama is regularly stated here.

Address: No. 97 Xida Street


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Daxi Times Theater

Opened in November 2018, it regularly hosts stage plays and children's drama performance series.

Address: SM Plaza, No. 29 East Section 2, Second Ring Road


Jinsha Theater

Jinsha Theater, which was founded based on Jinsha Site Museum, was the first of its type in the world. In addition to performing the museum version of the Jinsha musicals, it can also host performances such as opera, drama, concert, and children's plays.

Address: No.9 Jinbo Road

●Music Live Show & Culture Exhibition


√ Eastern Suburbs Memory – "The Frontier of Music Industry"


Since its official opening in September 2011, Eastern Suburb Memory has held more than 8,000 cultural events: Chengdu International Sister City Youth Music Week, China Music Industry Development Summit, Chanel 2018 Early Spring Leisure Series Conference, 2013 World Snooker International Championships, Eastern Suburb Memory Drama Week, Milan Fashion Week China Tour & Chengdu Art Exhibition, Acappella Series Concerts, etc. As the core physical carrier of the national music industry base, Eastern Suburb Memory is an important carrier for Chengdu to accelerate the cultural industry, especially digital music, new media, cultural tourism and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation.

Features: Whatever you might think of concerning music: watching shows, playing music, watching drama, visiting exhibitions, etc.

Address: No. 4, Middle Section of South Jianshe Road


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Fanmate Creative Art Area

In addition to the Eastern Suburb Memory, as one of the key projects of Chengdu to create a western cultural and creative center, Fanmate Creative Art Area is also able to host live shows.

● For Sichuan Opera


√ Jinjiang Theater – Better appreciation for live face changing

timg (7).jpg

It has a total construction area of about 12,715 square meters. In addition to Jinjiang Theater, there is also the Sichuan Opera Art Museum.

Features: The interior decoration of Jinjiang Theater has rich cultural connotation of Sichuan Opera. More than 700 seats are located in the bottom hall and upstairs. Every night, Sichuan Opera stunts, folk art, and acrobatics are staged here.

Address: No. 54 Huaxingzheng Street

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Sichuan Opera Theater

Located in the downtown of Chengdu, it regularly hosts Sichuan opera and various traditional theatrical performances.

Address: Sub No.1, No. 108 Zhihui Street

In addition to the above-mentioned music performance venues, there is also a wave of music, new places of performance are being fully built, such as Sichuan Grand Theatre, Sichuan People's Art Theatre, Chengdu Music Square, Chengdu Open Air Music Park, etc., waiting for everyone to experience it!




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