Tour Chengdu during Spring Festival

    It seems like the entire country is counting down to the Spring Festival, but I am sure there are quite a few that still has no idea as to what to do over the holiday. This is exactly why I conducted a bit of an investigation about some of the fun things to do over the Spring Festival, and then settled on the decision to stay in Chengdu and have some real fun for a whole seven days.

Nighttime Cruise on Jin River

    New funs for the 2019 Chinese New Year - At the start of February, Chengdu will begin trials of its "nighttime Jin River cruise" program. During the span of the Spring Festival, canopied boats with seats for three to five riders and pleasure boats with space to accommodate seven to eight passengers will sail on the Jin River. Specifically, the cruise route will begin from the "339" television tower and proceed to the Lan Kwai Fong and Hejiang Pavilion area. Other than floating on the Jin River after dark, passengers will also be able to revel in the vibrant lanterns and mesmerizing show of lights and shades along the shores. The whole journey is approximately 4.4km in length.

Jinsha Sun Festival

    The first of the three major events for the Spring Festival in Chengdu is the 2019 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival, which will take place over a span from February 3, 2019 (29th day on the last month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar) until February 20, 2019 (16th day on the first month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar). This year's festivity will feature thematic lantern exhibition, gardening and floriculture display, cultural performance and a series of other activities. Of which, the thematic lantern exhibition will revolve around the three themes of "Light of the Mayans, Ancient Shu Civilization and Folk Customs for the New Spring" and will feature more than 40 large-scale sets of lanterns. This year's Jinsha Flower Market will also center on the theme of "World of the Mayans" in its displays.

2019 Wuhou Shrine Fair

    The second of the three major events for the Spring Festival in Chengdu is the 2019 Wuhou Shrine Fair and Jihai Divine and Fun Tour will take place between February 3 and February 20, 2019 (between 29th day on the last month and 16th day on the first month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar). At this year's installment of the shrine fair, other than the youxi shenfang ("Divine and Fun Tour"), themed lantern exhibition, a hundred theatrical performances, creative marketplace, Three Kingdoms period-inspired snacks, garden tour experience and other traditional amusements, there will also be cultural activities such as cultural relic display and "treasure appraisal by experts".

Touring the Du Fu Thatched Cottage on Person Day

    The third of the three major events for the Spring Festival in Chengdu - the February 1st, 2019, 10th Chengdu Poet Saint Festival - Jihai Year "Person Day Tour of the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu" serial cultural campaign will soon officially commence. The course of the campaign consists of activities such as poetry session for civilians, poetry session for children, Person Day singing performance, thematic poetry session and poetry-inspired singing and dancing. In addition, new year symphony concert and Red Plum Art Exhibition are also highly anticipated. 

Tianfu Spring-welcoming Flower-viewing Festival

    The 2019 Sichuan Flower (Fruits) Eco-tourism Festival Main Venue and Tianfu Spring-welcoming Flower-viewing Festival will kick off inside the Chengdu Culture Park on January 25,2019, while relevant support and auxiliary activities will continue until mid-April. In addition, the 2019 Spring-welcoming Flower-viewing Festival  will also synchronously kick off at five urban parks (Culture Park, People's Park, Baihuatan Park, Xinhua Park and Guixi Eco Park), and during this span nine large-scale eco-tourism and flower-viewing activities will take place across Chengdu.

Quick view of more activities

Kuanzhai Alley: "New Year Paintings" serial Chinese New Year-themed activities

Xiling Snow Mountain: 19th Southern China International Snow and Ice Festival and 2019 Xiling Snow Mountain Chinese New Year Greeting

Pengzhou Longmen Mountains scenic area: 3rd Tongji Flower Sea Dutch Tulip Festival

Pengzhou Bailu Town: 2019 New Spring Carnival - Lanterns and Lights Music Fest




Kuanzhai Alley


Night Tour on Jinjiang River