Food Street at Shahe Campus of UESTC

For those who first come here, the long queues outside the shops could be quite shock. But, when you get to enjoy the epicurean delights, gaining a few pounds is more like the rule rather than the exception. Just kidding, now let's see some of the best finds here.



Spicy and aromatic, with memorable after tastes

Gao's Tin Foil BBQ Pigs' Brains: The pig brains absorb all the spices and aroma of the chili oil like a sponge, and they're so soft that can truly melt in your mouth, making it one of the most sought-after culinary highlights of the area.

Xuliang Fatty's BBQ Pig's Trotters: A super-famous and time-honored star restaurant! After the red and glistening trotters are grilled, a bit of chili powder is sprinkled on top. Under the crispy skin are the tender meat and the chewy tendons dancing inside your mouth.

Pig intestines wrapped in chicken wings: The soft and delectable chicken wing wraps around the chewy pig intestine, after being grilled, they together bring you tonguegasm.



All kinds of veggies and meat

Leshan Old Neighborhood's Deep-fried Chuanchuan: Their ingredients are fresh and the marinade is extra fragrant. After being deeply fried, the chuanchuan is dipped in the homemade blend of chili powder and spices. Tear the goodies off the stick while they are still hot, and you are all set for the night.


Grandma Ye's Bobo Chicken: No doubt the most well-known bobo chicken franchise originating from Leshan. The ingredients are fresh and the environment is neat and tidy. Foods here are very spicy. The green pepper flavor is highly recommended with the fried rice with minced pork and egg.


Classic flavors with diversified styles

Xiangxiangzui Crispy Potato: Other than the renowned Zhou Qianqian Crispy Potato, other fried potatoes on this street are just as tasty, for instance this Xiangxiangzui Crispy Potato. It is so popular that each eater could only make one order at a time. The potato chunks absorbed the flavors while maintaining a crispy texture. The recommended option is the mixture flavor of sweet, sour, numb and spicy.

PS: The standard condiment is the zhe er gen (houttuynia cordata), so for those not so fond of this vegetable, remember to tell the vendor ahead of time!

Xianglong Chicken Feet: Chicken feet are braised in special clay pots for several hours. The various flavors, such as hot pot seasoning, tom yum soup seasoning or Chinese marinade seasoning, unique in their own ways, are fully absorbed into the chicken feet. Although the meat does not immediately melt in your mouth as advertised, but the soft and chewy meat matched with spicy flavor is absolutely splendid.

Taste and Remember Stinky Tofu: It "stinks" but the queue is long. Now that is true love.



Super large servings and super satiating

Li's Handmade Jelly with Sticky Rice Cake and RoseA cheap but palatable culinary "luxury" that only costs you 6 yuan - the signature shrimp-shaped "ice jelly" (made with Apple-of-Peru) with sticky rice cake and rose. With haw flakes, raisins, roses, sticky rice cakes, and red beans, etc., a bowl of ice jelly could bring you pure happiness.


Wonder Ice: Time for a date with desserts from Taiwan, China. You can have a cup of the iconic Japanese-style match a shaved ice with cream, savoring the sweetness of pudding drenched in herbal syrup and covered in red beans, and order a black tea in case the sweetness is too rich, then just sit back, relax and enjoy this moment of tenderness.


Now, are you intrigued by the Jianshe Alley food street and its plenty of delicious wonders? Stay tuned, the exploration of delicious foods around Chengdu's universities is just beginning!



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