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  A sudden temperature drop has brought winter to Chengdu, the best season for hot pot here! If you are a great fan of hot pot but worrying about excessive internal heat just like me, then you'd better take a look at the MOOC course, Foodies' Cultivation of Nutriology, of which the first lecture mentions the healthy way to have hot pot and is really helpful for Chengdu people who rely on it during winter. 

  Foodies' Cultivation of Nutriology is filmed by West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University, and has been uploaded on China MOOC. The course covers concepts and hot nutriological issues such as food pyramid, sugared beverage, scientific weight losing and ketogenic diet, without using difficult nutriological terms, thus very suitable for learners without relevant knowledge background. I personally learn this lesson like binge-watching a food program.


  It also has very approachable lecture names:

  Lecture I The Healthy Way to Have Hot Pot

  Lecture II The Unhealthiness of Beverages

  Lecture III Scientific Weight Losing

  Lecture IV What to Eat When You Have an Acne Skin?

  Lecture V There Is No Such a Thing Called Food Antagonism

  Lecture VI Food Safety: the More You Learn, the Safer You Are

  The following are parts of the courses:

  For people who like hot pot, a whole can of sesame oil mixed with some oyster sauce and coriander is a necessity. However, clinical nutritionists suggest that we only need to use a half of sesame oil and season it with garlic and coriander, while reducing the intake of oyster sauce and edible salt as much as possible. 

  People love beverages because sugar can stimulate the secretion of endorphin, which can lead to a sense of joy but also tiredness until another taste of sugar. When you know well that you have to trade your health with temporary pleasure, you will be accompanied by long-term anxiety and a sense of guilt, and you will feel better once you get rid of your obsession with desserts!

  The definition of sugar can be divided into a broad and a narrow one. Sugar in the broad sense refers to all kinds of digestible carbohydrates including starch, while sugar in the narrow sense refers to white granulated sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, etc. Fruit juices in supermarkets are often labeled with "healthy" and "fresh", but in fact they are made from sugar, sweetener, edible essence and barely any pulp.

  When you keep a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy all the food you want without worrying about wholesomeness! 


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