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Sections 2 & 3 of Chengdu Metro Line 3 officially launched its trial run today! As the extension of Section 1 of Metro Line 3, this new metro extension connects Shuangliu District in the south and Xindu District in the north. What places of interest are there close to the 20 stations newly added? Here we have listed them for you. 

Botanical Garden @Botanical Garden Station

The Chengdu Botanical Garden which covers an area of 470,000 m2 is the first comprehensive garden in Sichuan. This garden has 8 specialized botanical areas and over 10 specified plant gardens, gathering over 200 rare flora including spinulose tree fern, Chinese dove tree, and dawn redwood, etc. No matter what the season is, the Botanical Garden is a great choice for Chengdu locals living in the north suburbs to go for a walk or have a picnic in the midst of nature. Once the metro is put into service, you can visit this park with your relatives and friends. 

Walk after exiting the station: 1 minute

Address: Tianhui Town, Jinniu District, Chengdu

Ticket: RMB 10/person


Xindu Forest and Sports Park @Machao West Road Station

The Xindu Forest and Sports Park which covers an area of 60,000 m2 is the civic park on the doorstep of the residents of Xindu. With sports as its "selling points", the park has all necessary sports facilities. It has standard tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, gate-ball courts, a swimming pool and river-side fitness trails.  

Walk after exiting the station: 10 minutes 

Address: No.355 Guishui Road, Xindu District, Chengdu

Ticket: Free of charge


East Road Station Jinhua Temple @Jinhua Temple

It is an ancient temple built during the Qing dynasty. There is a well-preserved ancient drama stage in the temple which is grand and beautiful. Visitors can appreciate many precious frescoes of Qing Dynasty in this place. Outside the Jinhua Temple is the old street market of Tianhui Town, which those hunting for treasures in traditional Chinese market cannot miss it. 

Walk after exiting the station: 5 minutes

Address: Tianhui Town, Jinniu District, Chengdu

Ticket: Free of charge


Baoguang Temple @Bell Tower Station

It is a famous Buddhist temple with a reputation as one of the 4 great Buddhist monasteries in southern China. The temple is grand in scale and surrounded by green ancient trees. It boasts the largest clay arhat hall. It houses 59 statues of painted and gold-coated Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and  Patriarchs, and 518 statues of arhats. These statues are beautiful with different postures. 

Walk after exiting the station: 20 minutes

Address: No.81, Baoguang Street, Xindu District, Chengdu

Ticket: RMB 5/person


Yongzuo Monastery @Yingchunqiao Station

A monastery with thousands of years' history dating far back to Tang dynasty, and also one of the 8 scenic spots of Shuangliu. In the monastery are 6 pseudo-classic architectural buildings including Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Great Buddha's Hall, the Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva, the Hall of Patriarch, Depository of Buddhist Sutras. It has always been inhabited by Buddhist nuns.  

Walk after exiting the station: 15 minutes 

Address: No.34, Section 1, Yingchun Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu 

Ticket: Free of charge


Tanghu Park @Shuangliu Square Station

True to its Chinese name, Tanghu Park is a park modeled after ancient parks with Chinese flowering crabapples and a lake as its features. This park gathers thousands of varieties of Chinese flowering crabapple. Each spring, it stages boisterous a Chinese flowering crabapple festival. Recently, the brand-new water ecological system of Tanghu Park has been completed, with aquatic plants moving in clean water. The "underwater forest" can be seen clearly.  

Walk after exiting the station: 15 minutes 

Address: No.2, Section 1, Tanghu Southern Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu 

Ticket: Free of charge


Delicacies along the Route

Zeng's Crusty Pancake 

Average Spending: RMB13

Address: 84, Zhuangyuan Street, Xindu District, Chengdu

Xiao's Spring Roll 

Average Spending: RMB 6 

Address: South Gate Bridge, Xindu District, Chengdu

Vegetarian Food of Baoguang Temple 

Average Spending: RMB 15  

Address: The Baoguang Temple Scenic Area, Xindu District, Chengdu

Osmanthus Cake

Average Spending: RMB 20  

Address: Outside the Gate of the Guihu Park, Xindu District, Chengdu

Laoma Rabbit Head

Average Spending: RMB 48  

Address: 41, Section 1, Qingtai Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

Dong's Pig Trotter

Average Spending: RMB 48  

Address: 28, Guangchang Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

Excerpted from HELLO Chengdu December Issue in 2018

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