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There is a law in the foodies' community—universities are never short of delicious food. Chengdu boasts numerous universities as well as a large number of uniquely featured food streets there. If you are an authentic Chengdu foodie, you will want to know more about this. Sichuan University (SCU) is the legendary "backyard canteen" of Chengdu. Let's check out the diversified delicacies available a few steps away from the Sichuan University school gates!

West Gate

North Kehua Road: Gathering of renowned catering brands


Outside the West Gate of SCU lies North Kehua Road Food Street—Chengdu's Food Gathering Place.

Along this street, you can find countless representative Chengdu delicacies such as dry pot, hot pot, and barbecue. The highly-praised Zigong Haochike offers you juicy pickled pepper flavor lobster; Guo Guo Xiang has spicy and tender dry pot rib shrimps; Qingmei Paniqiu has soft and glutinous loach; Jinshan Koufu Qiaojiao Beef offers delicious and nutritious alpine beef soup; Master He Barbecue has tasty roasted brain; Ruxuan Seafood Congee City has fresh and thick fish slice congee; Weizhi Juemei offers tender and delicious frog meat. These restaurants have been selling their tasty food here for quite some time, all enjoying high reputation across Chengdu.


Recommendation: Walk out of the West Gate and turn left, you will arrive at the Blue Caribbean Square, where you can find roast fish of all sorts of flavors ranging from spicy, pickled-pepper, vinegar-pepper to chopped-chili and diversified snacks such as roast pig trotter, tentacles of squid, bean curd, and roasted brain. Fashionably decorated, these snack shops are ideal places to take selfies.


Must-try: Please try the pineapple youtiao (deep-fried dough stick). The sweet sour pineapple combined with the crispy youtiao, plus the fresh and spicy tender roast fish, can rock your tongue.

North Gate

Hongwasi Street: Affordable authentic food kaleidoscope


Walk straight forward along the North Gate, you will arrive at Hongwasi Street—a paradise of food. Especially when night falls, all kinds of delicious food give off steams and mouth-watering smell, and this street were packed with foodies. In this street, you can find abundant Chengdu local delicacies, and they are all affordable.


Recommendation: Except for the local delicacies, you can also find other featured food, for example, the Western Region Flavor, a restaurant highly acclaimed amongst students.


Must-try: Please try the authentic Xinjiang barbecue, baked Nang, baked buns, and all sorts of noodles, chicken, beverages. Served in large quantity like in the northern China, these food appear quite attractive to Sichuan people.

Mini North Gate

Gonghe Village: Gathering of fairly-priced snacks


After a big meal, if you still care for a snack, Gonghe Village Food Street is a good choice, but it requires you to squeeze yourself out of the Mini North Gate. Since this street has middle schools nearby, food sold on both sides are fairly-priced.

Recommendation: Right beside the Mini North Gate locates a time-honored Guokui store. Every time, when the hot Guokui come out of the stove, people would gather around. It's not oily and has a pleasant after-taste.


There’s a night canteen for students called Happy Teppanyaki in this street as well. The waiter and waitress serve really fast, and the food is quite tasty.

Also in this street lies the Luzhou Pickle Tofu Pudding Hot Pot, a great place for meal with relatives and friends. The characteristic tofu pudding and the health-preserving wild mushrooms are the specialties.

Must-try: Please try the Happy Teppanyaki: First choose the vegetables you like such as lotus root slices, aubergine, mushroom, cabbage, fish tofu, vegetarian chicken, and the meat you may like the beef skewer, tentacles of squid, and shrimp dumpling. Your selected ingredients will be given to the waiter to dice before frying with rice. Coupled with wonderful seasonings, these Chengdu snacks will satiate your taste bud with a feast.

South Gate

North Guojiaqiao Street: Popular food gathering place

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Here comes the last stop of our delicious food search outside the gate of SCU. Walk out SCU from the South Gate, and you will arrive at the Guojiaqiao North Street in no time. From here, you can find a great many of Chengdu specialties amid these stores of snack, stewed meat, milk tea, cake and fruit, as well as the groceries.

Recommendation: The time-honored restaurant—Chongqing Forest. From far away, you can hear the waiters peddling, "Pig's Trotter Soup Rice, Bobo Chicken, please come in and give it a try". Whether it’s daytime or late at night, this place is filled with eaters.


Must-try: Please pick the refreshing red oil Bobo Chicken plus the warm tofu soup rice. The taste will definitely blow your mind.

Are you planning to try some of these delicacies? Don’t worry about gaining weight, just seize the delicious moment and enjoy your food journey! Bon appétit!


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