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This year's last long vacation has gone.

Let us cherish every weekend more.

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In order to save the baby's "mourning", Chengdu Joy City is about to drive a large wave of millions of cute cats, cure the shock wave launch biu biu biu~ event site, is a large cat cat scene, you You can see the super cat net red from all over the world. Do you want to know what kind of cat is the cat C? There are also professional judges on the scene to explain in detail, there are still reasons for the shovel officers not to come?

Time: October 13—14, 2018

Place: Joy City 1F Central Show Gallery

Price: Free



The street culture gathering hosted by the fourth music and creative design unit W.E.D was held at the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art. The party incorporates HIPHOP elements such as rap, graffiti, DJ, street dance, and also offers limited edition mystery shoes and doll exhibitions. Are you looking forward to it?

Time: October 16, 2018

Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu

Price: Free

The 7th Hong Kong Theme Film Festival


In October, we finally ushered in the 7th China Hong Kong Theme Film Festival Chengdu Station! From October 12th to 21st, the Chinese Hong Kong classic movie, such as The Great Journey of the Journey to the West, Gambling God and Ghost Story will reappear on the big screen. The movie tickets you owe can be returned! Time is short, games are limited, and friends who like Hong Kong movies don't miss it!

Time: October 12—21, 2018

Place: Palace Cinema & Broadway Cinema

Price: RMB 63.8

Jason Zhang 2018 Tour Chengdu Station


Jason Zhang, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, has become a well-known male singer in China with his clear, high-pitched, discerning voice in the talent show. He is also the first person in mainland China to sing at the Dolby Theatre in the Oscars. On this tour, Jason Zhang will show his own different use of the new MIX-POP. 

Time: October 13—14, 2018

Place: Wuliangye Performing Arts Center

Price: RMB 380/680/980/1280

Life Aesthetics Research Exhibition


This time, the life aesthetics research exhibition will showcase the aesthetics of life from the perspective of women, with bags and bags as the carrier.

Time: September 23—October 22, 2018

Place: Winshare BOOKS wine red ice blue space

Price: Free

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Street dance & Salon & Exhibition


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