Concert & Drama & Photography Exhibition



Busy for a week, now finally to Friday~

Let's have a look these good places for weekend~

Don't know the clinic


Don't know if the clinic is coming to Chengdu! There are private lessons, e-books, and Lives, and one can stay quiet for a day. Each of the carefully arranged departments is the perfect photo-taking place, and you can make a big shot with one shot. 6 departments, specializing in your unhappy!

Time: October 22—November 3, 2018

Place: 2F, The Mixc Store

Price: Free

Hatsune Miku 2018 tour concert in Chengdu


Chengdu, the "Future You, Hatsune Miku 2018 Tour Concert" with "Star Trek" as a new theme will be held in Chengdu! Let the Hatsune Miku roam the stars, fly the universe, and explore the new world!


Time: October 20, 2018

Place: Huaxi LIVE·528M space

Price: RMB 580/880/1280

2018 Chengdu Super Conduct Festival


The first large-scale carnival event in the country's first web celebrities, bringing together 15 groups of domestic super popular web celebrities, 200 composed of the city web celebrities. Interact with thousands of net red scenes, eat food, visit the market, and integrate electronic music to dry up!


Time: October 20, 2018

Place: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

Price: RMB 98/198/280

This play that goes wrong


A farce is a comedy written for the stage and film. Originated from the ancient Greek sheep drama. The Chinese version of the British farce This play that goes wrong officially authorized the Chinese version to land in Chengdu Jincheng Art Palace. This play that goes wrong tells the story of a theater company called The Best Theatre Production Company in the World. It has been very difficult to maintain since its inception and is on the verge of bankruptcy. And now is making a final stroke for the premiere of a murder of Hafsham Manor.


Time: October 19-20, 2018

Place: Jincheng Art Palace

Price: RMB 180/280/380/480/680

"Travel in Switzerland" Photography Exhibition


Switzerland, a country with a reputation as a "world park". This week, photographer secretdada and traveler Lotus will to share stories with you about Swiss travel and photography.

Time: October 19-28, 2018

Place: Fangsuo Commune, Sino- Ocean Taikoo Li

Price: Free

Happy Weekend!


Street dance & Salon & Exhibition


Not in the mood. Somebody praise me!