Sichuan Cuisine Die-Hard Fan

Recently, Weibo blogger @flower-and-alchemy posted a microblog claiming that: "We Sichuan people love spicy food so much that we want our cakes to be in hot pot flavor". Those words were the caption of a picture of a cake resembling hotpot condiment, which attracted a large number of netizens. At present, the number of this microblog's forwarding has exceeded 10,000, garnering about 10,000 people's comments and around 30,000 likes.


The comments are mainly divided into three major groups. Some exclaimed, "In terms of 'Spicy' and 'Hot Pot', Sichuan people are really making breakthroughs constantly."


Some invited their friends to check this out, by @ing their friends.


Of course, there're others that did not believe the picture at the first place, who doubted,  "Isn't this real hotpot condiment rather than a piece of cake?"


As the picture has aroused numerous "responses", blogger @flower-and-alchemy posted another microblog and claimed, "This cake is authentic! Not Hotpot Condiment! Not in Beef Tallow Taste! It's SWEET, and made from CHOCOLATE!" To prove it, she attached a picture showing a cut-open cake. (However, this looks even more like hotpot condiment.)


This piece of "Hotpot Condiment" cake has made a sensation on Internet. Stephy Qi, one renowned Sichuan actress, took a bite of this design of cake on her birthday this year~ what a "Spicy" scene~


Liu Huan, the cake-maker of this "Internet Celebrity" said that the base of it is made from chocolate, and the "beef tallow" part seen by us is made from ordinary cake mix such as butter and cheese, but the chili, myrcia and pepper are authentic spices. That's why, when customers buy these cakes, they would be suggested not to eat the spices so that to avoid overwhelming taste.


If you thought the cake was the initial breakthrough Sichuan people made to pursue "Spicy", you would be too naive! Ice cream, yogurt, ice powder, just to name a few…What Sichuan people are capable of is beyond your wildest imagination! Let's check out these "amazing discoveries" in Sichuan. Courtesy of almighty netizens~


@stillabowlofnoodles: I think Sichuan people have stepped onto an "evil track" ~


Comment on this microblog read, "This is as weird as what Menglong Chengdu Flash Store offered last time. Ice Cream, made out of Soybean Powder + Chili Pepper Powder + Popping Candy, is reckoned as Sichuan taste's 'Death Combination'."


@pandamilkcover i: Do you fancy a bowl of spicy ice jellies?


@bodybackthreedogs¬_: Sichuan people indeed!


Don't be scared if you cannot eat spicy food. U can still choose the two-flavor HOT POT, can't U?




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