Street dance & Salon & Exhibition

A "100,000 gambling" street dance battle

A salon about "news and content"

Three art and fashion exhibitions

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Chengdu VS Tainan Our City B-boy

The All-Star lineup consists of representatives of the Chinese Youth Olympic Games and the Star Dancers of the Hot Blood Street Dance Group! Chengdu and Tainan, Chengdu's cool battle, the whole process is objectively publicly judged by the OUR International Rating System and the OCB referee team.

Time: November 23, 2018

Place: Deluxe Concert Hall

Price: RMB 120/280



Wow, Chengdu Photography Exhibition

The New Weekly and Daily Economic News jointly held a pioneering image exhibition called "Wow, Chengdu!" at the IFS 7F Art Gallery. Nine photographers presented a portrait of Chengdu and presented a fashionable Chengdu.

Time: November 8 - 25, 2018

Place: 7F, Chengdu International Finance Square

Price: Free



"Expedition for meaning" - Experimental Contemporary Art Work Show

"Gewu" is a summary of how Chinese Confucian philosophy recognizes the world. In the name of "Gees", this exhibition presents the thinking of Ukrainian and Chinese artists in the process of artistic creation and their understanding of the world.

Time: November 23 - December 16, 2018

Place: Sino-American Art & Culture Exchange Center

Price: Free

“格物”- 当代艺术实验展.jpg


Sino-German Contemporary Art Exchance Exhibition

The exhibition is trans-regional and cross-border. It is very communicative, integrated, open and academic. This is not only an oil painting exchange activity from the dialogues of artists from different countries, but also an exhibition of Western art and oriental charm.

Time: October 27 - November 27, 2018

Place: Hondei Culture & Art Museum, Xindu district, Chengdu

Price: Free



News and content

A live library salon about News and Content. The journalists who stood in the front line, the former media people who had been transformed by the reporters, and the industry observers gathered together and chatted.

Time: November 24, 2018 14:30

Place: Chengdu Allab

Price: RMB 30



Fashion Week in Chengdu


A Big Thumb-up to These Flash Mobs