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  This Weekend, HC has found clcling championships, camelot challenge, art exhibitions and single party.

  Don't miss it!

  2018 Urben Clcling World Championships


  The 2018 UCI Urban Cycling World Championship consists of the World Championships of the BMX Freestyle, Mountain Bike Cross Country and Mountain Bike Obstacle Course . Not only to see the world's top players, but also to see their show skills.

  Time: November 7-11, 2018

  Place: Xinhua Park

  Price: Free

  2018 Yishion Camelot Challenge


  As an international two-star event for equestrian obstacles, this competition has set up a total of six levels of 1.45M, 1.3M, 1.1M, 0.9M, 0.6M and cross-over. Don't miss out If you are interested in horse riding!

  Time: November 9-11, 2018

  Place: China Modern Pentathlon Center

  Price: Free

  Topia And City


  Five artists from New York, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing jointly launched a dialogue on "Utopia and Heterotopia". If you are interested in urban development, architecture and art, the works in this exhibition may give you different inspiration!

  Time: October 26- December 11, 2018

  Place: JiZhunFangZhong Art Studio

  Price: Free

  The 5th Chengdu Creativity & Design Industry Expo


  Bringing together global creativity, over 23,000 pieces of global creative design work, 175 pieces of golden panda creative design winning works, 2018 iF winning works, and Chengdu creative design. Suitable for going with friends and family.

  Time: November 9- 12, 2018

  Place: Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

  Price: Free

  Single concert Chengdu Station


  A concert tailored for Chengdu singles. More than 20 classic love songs Live Show. If you look at other couples show off, it is better to go to a concert together. Single? It's ok! Still happy weekend!


  Time: November 11, 2018

  Place: Fanmu Creative District Zhenghuo Art Center

  Price: RMB 180/280

  Happy Weekend!



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