The Reason to Go Out on Weekends


  The happy time of this week is coming

  Happy Friday!

  Go out and have fun together on weekends.

  2018 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu International Marathon


  The 2018 Chengdu International Marathon is divided into a marathon, a half marathon and a 5km happy run. The Chengdu International Marathon has entered the second year and has undergone a comprehensive upgrade from the process of the event route setting and event management system. 

  Time: October 27, 2018

  Starting Point: Jinsha Site Museum

  End Point: Century City


  The 3rd Anniversary Music Festival of Arena Of Valor


  The game Arena Of Valor ushered in the third anniversary, this anniversary music festival gathered all kinds of Chinese music stars, Mayday, Li Yuchun, Xiao Jingteng and so on. Here, you will hear your idols sing the Arena Of Valor hero theme song. In addition, the popular heros will battle at the ceremony, and compete for the honor of the first dance prince of the Kings Canyon.


  Time: October 27, 2018

  Place: Wuliangye Performing Arts Center

  Price: RMB 280/480/680/880

  Sichuan Centennial Fine Art Exhibition


  The purpose of Sichuan Centennial Art Exhibition is to "pass on the Bashu cultural context, develop Tianfu culture, sum up centuries of fine art, and open up future careers". The exhibition is divided into two key parts: "Inheriting the Road" and "Innovation without Borders". The exhibits include Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, installations, and video.

  Time: October 28—November 19, 2018

  Place: Daguan Museum of art

  Price: Free

  Concert & Dialogue:Otherworldliness and Urbanity 


  "Inclusiveness" is a precious point in the spirit of Chengdu and the best way for the city to communicate with the world. This time, the Symphony Orchestra from China, combined with the interpretation of Western classical music and the expression of oriental Zen, created a unique "Zen Music" trend.

  Time: October 28, 2018

  Place: Duhuo Bookstore

  Price: Free

  Roman Signer: Video&Film 1975-1989 and Now


  This is an important exhibition of Roman Signer. The exhibition takes time as the axis and reflects the work reality of Roman for many years in a surrounding and immersive environment. The artist is the individual in the creation as the same as viewer.


  Time: November 3, 2018


  Price: Free

  Happy Weekend!


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