Cultural Integration Seminar on Chengdu Culture International Communication

On October 30, 2018, Chengdu SISYPHE PARK BOOKS& UP COFFEE (CapitaLand) witnessed an electrifying exchange of ideas on a "cultural integration" seminar when professional translators were invited to share their views on how to boost the Chengdu (Tianfu) cultural communication. This time "HIC" became the "MC" on the seminar, moderating the discussion among professors from College of Foreign Languages and Cultures Sichuan University, and professionals from Chengdu Translators Association, among others.


Check out this topic, and the atmosphere! It was never easy to bring everyone together on a weekend, and don't miss the "serious" look of HC from the back. Join us to see what has been discussed there.



With an entrustment to further spread the Tianfu culture, this year we will tentatively build the Tianfu Culture International Communication Reference Corpus with the help of some cultural experts and professional translators. The Corpus is composed of over one thousand bilingual entries about Chengdu Tianfu culture, which will serve as a reference for the global dissemination of Chengdu culture (Sounds wonderful, right? HC also feels proud to lead this project). Therefore, how to improve and enrich this "Corpus" became the focus of this seminar.


Here I will share with you the whole lot of knowledge learnt from the seminar:

Associate Professor Liu Jia from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures Sichuan University, kicked off the seminar by sharing her proofreading experience of the Tianfu Culture International Communication Reference Corpus, followed by the heated discussion about the first draft of the Corpus.



Guests mentioned that the Corpus expressed the diversity of Chengdu Culture, and the entries of poems and ancient Chinese literature works, folk culture and historic relics, etc. all show case the unique and inclusive Tianfu culture.


Associate Professor Liu said that when translating culture-related text, the translators need to first examine the source text carefully to read between the lines and fully understand the expressions and meanings, and that the meaning of one single word or entry may vary in different contexts, and should be translated based on the specific context.


After the discussion about the Corpus, HIC raised the second topic, i.e. how will translators help Chengdu culture to stand out and by pass the cultural differences in their translation?


Experts all shared their views and reached a consensus that the translation should be target reader-oriented and the text should be modified based on foreign readers' understanding of Chinese culture to better cater to their needs while reading, and that the translation should also adapt itself to different contexts and different purposes.


The guests also shared from their own experience that the unique Chengdu culture, such as the tea culture, has attracted many foreign friends to this "Land of Abundance".

The Tianfu Culture International Communication Reference Corpus is due to come out by the end of this year, please stay tuned



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