A Tour along Chengdu Marathon~

  2018 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu International Marathon is coming!

  Compared with the "straightest track" in 2017, the new track design has become the highlight of this year's Chengdu Marathon. In 2018, the starting point of the Chengdu Marathon is located at the Jinsha Site Museum. The route passes through many landmarks such as Anshun Covered Bridge, New Century Global Center, etc., with the indication of "running from the splendid ancient civilization of Chengdu into a new era of vitality".


  If you are curious about the course of the Chengdu Marathon just like myself, and itching to know about as many landmarks as possible along the way within the shortest amount of time, then get all the answers you need with this one-of-a-kind and hand-drawn route map of the Chengdu Marathon, brought to you by "Home in Chengdu"!

  Today, I will take you to travel through time "from ancient era to modern age" and experience the themed Chengdu tour.

Chengdu, in Its Ancient Glory

Scene from Han Dynasty - Qintai Road

  Qintai Road is well-known for its ancient aura and its location by Chengdu's "west gate" is one of the most culturally prominent regions of the city, as in the vicinity are sites such as the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Qingyang palace, Baihuatan Park and Culture Palace Park.

On the Shore of the Jin River - Hejiang Pavilion and Anshun Bridge

  After dark, lights on the Anshun Bridge and on both shores illuminate and accentuate each other in an amazingly beautiful manner, making this a must-see destination for visitors to the Sichuan capital.

Charms of Ancient Chengdu - Wangjianglou Park

  The Wangjianglou Park is renowned for its myriad of cultural relics like the Wangjiang Pavilion ancient architectural cluster and a memorial hall dedicated to esteemed Tang dynasty female poet Xue Tao, which are surrounded by swaths of unique bamboos. Hundreds and thousands of years have passed, this area has since then ascended as one of Chengdu's most venerated cultural landmarks.

A Journey of Modernness

Financial City - Tianfu International Financial Center

  As a keystone project in phase one of the core development zone in the Chengdu Financial City, since inception the Tianfu International Financial Center has attracted a score of influential tenants.

Great Venues for Show - Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Center

  In November 2017, the Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Center welcomed its first public show. Today, it has become one of the premier venues for cultural and arts performances and sports competitions of the city.

Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

  The Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center is constituted by nine main halls and eight connection halls, and boasts a floor area of roughly 1.73 million square meters.

Shopping Paradise - New Century Global Center

  The New Century Global Center is actually a gargantuan urban complex, comprised of the Global Center itself, the New Century Art Center and Central Plaza, which combine into a multipurpose locale.

The Energy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Business & Innovation Centre for China–Europe Cooperation

  The Business & Innovation Centre for China–Europe Cooperation was built by relying on the ICON Cloud. Stand in this building, you will rejoice in a panoramic view of the prosperous and affluent south of Chengdu. 



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