Share This " Lucky Koi"

Xinxiaodai, the emerging "Chinese Koi", was merely a "nobody" before October 7. After October 7, the reading number of the Weibo topic named after her surpassed 250 million within one day. Topics related to her occupied 3 spots in the top 10 of Weibo’s most searched hashtags. While her personal Weibo gained 500,000 fans in a day, she also snatched the top spot of Zhihu Hot list late at night. Simultaneously, various Internet celebrities tried to have a finger in the pie!

Today, let's talk about this "Chinese Koi"~

Koi was a symbol of wealth in ancient times. As for now in Chinese social networks, especially Weibo, sharing koi is a common phenomenon. Usually, the blogger will send a microblog with a picture of koi attached with the message "Forward this koi, and this month you will...", and the netizens will share the koi picture for good luck.

On September 29, Alipay launched a lucky draw on Weibo to present a super gift package for users. Originally, this was just an ordinary forwarding lucky draw event, but the activity continued to heat up because the weight of the "super gift package" is indeed "super" (More than 200 Alipay global partners, including airlines, duty-free shops, hotels, shopping malls, etc. in Canada, the United States, Australia, Italy, Paris as well other countries, assembled to provide a global free gift package.). As the number of participators in the event increased, the winning rate reached a staggering one in three million in the final draw.


Some gifts of the "super gift package":

@ General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy: Two days of free training for private pilots in Houston.

@ Paris Tourist Office: Two Paris Passlib two-day passes, which include the Paris Passlib' card, the Paris transport pass, the Paris museum pass, the Paris guide map etc.

@ Roma Airport: 100 times of free airport expressways for your family.


On October 7, a netizen with the Weibo name "Xinxiaodai", one of the 3 million participants, "unexpectedly" won the super gift package along with the "Chinese Koi" tag. Netizens flooded to the Weibo homepage of "Chinese Koi" to "check it out", and started to voluntarily "forward koi" in the hope of gaining good luck.

Behind this big network carnival, while Xinxiaodai won the rich prize as the lucky one, Alipay is  the real biggest winner.

Alipay's lucky draw microblog posted on September 29 has witnessed an amount of forwarding that surpassed one million within 6 hours, three million in a week, which makes a breakthrough new case for corporate communication. After the winner was announced on October 7, the topicality of "Xinxiaodai" and the heated discussion of netizens allowed Alipay and related information to "occupy" five most searched hashtags on Weibo from October 7 to 8. The report and sharing of WeChat Moments, official accounts and Weibo Internet celebrities have expanded its fission-style spread.

@ Social Marketing Case Base: From cold start to warm-up and build-up to continuous fermentation, Alipay takes into account every key publicity node in advance. Alipay started to contact the cooperative brands one month ago, and after the event kicked off, the Blue Vs with institutional accreditation simultaneously voiced on this matter, which formed the explosion point. After the event was launched, Alipay teamed up with Internet celebrities to create the topic of "one in three million probability", and used the WeChat channel to divert the event at the same time. Alipay prepared a video of the gift list and topic in advance, which continued to ferment after "the lucky Koi" were announced. One highlight after another, this huge social marketing hurricane has been formed, becoming the phenomenal marketing we see today.

Anyway, I have learned a truth from this "carnival", which is that:

Regardless of the chances, whenever there is a lucky draw, you'd better participate! What if you are the lucky one!!!


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