Good Finds from Supermarkets

    There are just four more days until the long-anticipated Oct 1 National Day of China "Golden Week". No doubt, many of you have already begun to pack your bags (I, for one, have no bags to pack and nowhere fun to go).


    If you want a "perfect" vacation, not only is a meticulously planned itinerary needed, but also the pre-journey preparation. Other than the eye-opening "uber travel gears" I listed for you all yesterday (see them here!), there are a bunch of other goodies that can easily be found in supermarkets inside your neighborhood department stores!

    I consolidated this list of ten department store supermarket items that you should definitely stuff into your luggage before the "Golden Week" rolls around. Check'em out below~

Practical Little Gems

Insect repellent spray


    Bug repellent bracelets sound pretty "dashing", but I do not intend to wear a "Peppa Pig" band on my wrist all day long. In comparison, insect repellent spray is much more low-key and also smells much more low-profile than  "hualushui" ("floral water") or the essential oil-like "fengyoujing".

Travel organizer bag


    If you do not want to see your clothes, socks, snacks and what-nots to "ooze" out when you unlock your suitcase, promise me that you will get some organizer bags and get organized!

Hand sanitizer


    Restrooms (or just faucets) are often hard to find when you need them most, and in such occasions hand sanitizer comes in handy. Squirt a drop in the middle of your palm and rub away (then grab that drumstick and begin gnawing).

Luggage strap


    A simple but sturdy little buckled strap can solve your load of problems. Just attach one to your luggage handle and easily hook up your computer bag and bundles of snacks!

Iodine cotton swabs


    When on the road, it is easy to get a nick here or a ding there, but it is much harder to find iodine cotton swabs to disinfect those cuts and wounds. The sanitary and convenient iodine cotton swabs come in individual packages, which are great for anyone out and about.

Disposable toilet seat covers


    I think I can skip the explanation here, but just trust me and bring'em along.

Tasty Sichuan Snacks

Chengdu Stories Walnut Puff Pastry


    This "Jinchengji" brand of "sandapao" pastry is so soft and chewy they would make your knees buckle. The brown sugar filling is quite authentic, too. Although this brand somewhat resembles the texture of Japanese mochi, but it still makes a delicious gift for faraway friends.

Individually wrapped "Laoma Tutou"


    Our intention is to spread the love for rabbit heads around the world. This one makes another delicious gift for faraway friends.

Zhang Fei Beef Jerky


    No exaggeration! I could literally survive for days on Zhang Fei Beef Jerky alone. Whenever I am abroad long enough, I always yearn for its distinct flavor. If you are a fan of this snack just like me, definitely bring a few bags for the trip. 

Dried egg snack


    This snack might not be as "fulfilling" as the first two but it's low-calorie! With only around 100KJ/100g in energy, its chewiness is a fantastic solution when you must want to munch on something.

    Or perhaps you know some more supermarket goodies? Don't keep them to yourself, let's see what you got!


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