Best Travel Gears!

    The Mid-Autumn Festival has just passed and all I could think of is to work hard (read "play hard") over the Oct 1 holiday, make sure I enjoy the last bit of fine weather before winter comes and venture far and wide to see the fields and forests beyond...Yet, being a featherweight at around 40kg+, a 20kg baggage is more than a handful, so how am I supposed to fly free like a bird dragging such a ball and chain?

    Instead of being thrifty we are going to be spiffy, let's see what "best travel gears" will make traveling smoother and better.


Orthodox (common essentials)

Power bank


    As a villager in this global village, wherever you go, your power bank questions on this one, right? The key is to find one that is both nice and light.

Clothes hanger


    Perhaps you have experienced the conundrum of needing to hang your dripping wet garment somewhere on your car during a road trip (I have not). Ever since having been introduced to this clothes hanger, I have felt in love with it, wet clothes all dry the next day. Blowing your socks dry with a blow dryer? Save some time and save some electricity...

Compressed towel tablets


    As a refined and sophisticated young man/young lady, the coarse hotel towel is a little rough for my silky and velvety skin. Each space-saving compressed towel tablet is a clean handkerchief.

Collapsible bottle


    Traveling outdoor mandates frequent rehydration. When you are fully fueled by H₂O, trekking for 10km is not a dream!

Mosquito repellent bracelet


    If you don't want to be bitten by about ninetybugs every hour, wear this bracelet, look pretty and stay itch-free.

Mini toothbrush


    The outdoor air is refreshing and so should your breath~ Brushing your teeth with a "lighter", now that's an idea~

Wrinkle removal spray


    Look like a pro and release the creases from your shirt, suit and little black dress.



    With this multinational adaptor, even if you ride with Space X to Mars you could still charge your gadgets (or not).

Portable facial steamer/sprayer


    Stand out with the most hydrated and rejuvenated skin in the conference room with this handy gadget.

Unorthodox (uncommon essentials)

Portable water basin


    Many travelers have told me about this basin, which could be folded up for convenient storage, then unfolded to wash your clothes or soak your feet after a long day of hiking. You could even invite others to soak their feet with the same time...

ProFoot smart shoe insole


    This pair of shoe insoles is the secret why I can trek and keep on trekking without breaking a sweat. Super light, super soft, super supportive at the arch, walking has never been easier.

Invisible slippers


    If you see someone on a rocky beach in Europe wading with a gingerly gait into the sea looking like a baby who just learned how to walk, that is definitely me alright. However, this pair of soles stick to the bottom of your feet like Band-aid, and not only will they prevent you from slipping, but they will also protect your feet from being scratched and cut by the glistening and innocent-looking pebbles.

Personal alarms


    This gadget item must be placed in checked baggage! Yes checked baggage, not carry-on! The police suggest female passengers not to bring blades, tasers and other self-defense gadgets in carry-on bags. Legality aside, if you miss your first strike with your weapon, and worse, getting disarmed, then you are as done as steak on a grill. However, with this personal alarm, just yank and let it scream. Definitely a head-turner.

Hotel door stopper


    This door jammer will prevent the bad guys from picking the lock on your hotel door and sneaking in at night. Small and easy to use, just stick it underneath the door and even the Incredible Hulk will find it hard to open.

    The items listed above are my "best travel gears" for this holiday. Perhaps the itinerant globe trotter that you are have a few other tricks up your sleeve? Feel free to share with other jet-setters out there!


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