Explore “Hot Pot Lilliput”!

    In my childhood, I dreamed one day I can visit the Lilliput, and see what the objects in our daily life look like there. And now I finally get the chance.


    The photographer Chen Yanfei combined the whimsy of the Lilliput with hot pot ingredients, and constructed a vast world of small people with hot pot ingredients.

    Chen Yanfei is from Hangzhou Province. He studied industrial fine art photography and advertising at college, and has worked as a fashion photographer for over 20 years. Chen is keen on street snap and has a good knowledge of liberal arts. He is a foodie as well. In 2015, after participating in a competition of taking photos of drinks, Chen began to focus on food photography.

    Now I'm going to take you to explore this wonderland~


    Cauliflowers are trimmed bushes.


    Duck blood cubes are a stack of rocks."hmmm, it feels quite strange to touch this rock."


    The lining of beef stomach looks like futuristic materials as several little technicians around are conducting a detection test.


    After the onion, ginger and parsley are spread out, a straight avenue is formed, and the riders on it are experiencing the joy of greenway biking.


    To tell the truth, the edge of the sesame oil dish is the best place for dating~


    How does it feel to roll up a piece of tofu skin? (hmmm, my feet got stuck in it)


    Is this a storage box? It seems nice with so many compartments ~

    If you change a point of view about the daily things, there might be some new discoveries~

Excerpted from HELLO Chengdu December Issue in 2017

All rights reserved. 


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