Today, let's talk about the Flowers

    These days, the air in Chengdu is sweet, and the season of sweet-scented osmanthus is here again. A lane related to flowers in Chengdu has become a celebrity in WeChat Moments among people in Chengdu recently.


    This lane has a moderate "appearance" and a length of only about one kilometer, but it stands out in this season.    

    It is the Sweet Osmanthus Lane on the east side of Kuan Zhai Alley. As indicated from its name, there are quite a number of sweet osmanthus trees in the lane. Decorated by traditional Chengdu tea houses, the lane reminds visitors of the real old fashioned Chengdu life.

    Guihua, literally means sweet osmanthus.If you go now, you can smell the flower even before you enter the lane. If there happens to be a cool breeze carrying the scent, what else can you say except "Wow"? 

    Talking about sweet osmanthus, the traditional festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, naturally comes to our mind. Many legends about Middle-autumn Festival involve the sweet osmanthus of lasting fragrance. In many places in China, there still remains the tradition of a family getting together for wine and sweet osmanthus flower appreciation on Mid-Autumn Festival.


    Apart from the charm of the sweet osmanthus flower itself, there are many delicious products made from it.

    In addition to the above three, sweet-scented osmanthus also appears in the process of food production. Osmanthus brown sugar, Osmanthus lotus root...

    In the flower realm, there are a lot of others with multi usages like the sweet osmanthus flower. The most common one is rose: Rose essential oil, Rose tea, Rose soap.

    For sure, there are also seasonal flowers such as Sakura. The products derived from them have strong regional characteristics and cultural attributes, and the "individuality" is certainly distinct.

    How do you think about these flowers now? 


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