Bamboo Rats Become Celebrity

    In recent days, "Huanong Brothers" have become a sensation, for no other reasons but eating bamboo rats surprisingly! The pitiable but funny emojis made out of their bamboo rats have become an online celebrity. What's going on? One can become famous by eating? If you are interested in the whole story, just follow me~


    "Huanong Brothers" are two men who work together to raise bamboo rats in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province. They made a series of short videos with one shooting the film while the other giving narrations. They had intended to popularize knowledge about bamboo rats and the relevant raise methods, but they turned out to be "video gourmets".


    "Huanong Brothers" came up with different reasons for eating a bamboo rat.

    A rat suffering from depression can be braised, one eating too much should be roasted, and one with sunstroke needs to be boiled. Whatever the condition is, they can find a reason/method to eat the rat.


    While "you look so beautiful" is usually considered a sugar word between lovers, it has now become a death warning to all bamboo rats in the world after the Huanong Brothers made their fame.


    Some netizens made a collection of Huanong Brothers' videos on their Weibo and entitled it #One Hundred Reasons to Eat a Bamboo Rat.

    Huanong Brothers didn't open their Bilibili account until August 28, 2018, but in less than a month, they have already gathered 850,000 fans. Their single video replay times and comments have amounted to 560,000, with thousands of bullet screens.

    Accented mandarin, a slight shy smile in front of the camera, a simple bamboo rats farm, brooks, and forest... All those "bumpkin" elements have turned out to magically attract more and more viewers.


    Top comments:

    @飞机飞远了:Survival law for bamboo rats: 1. Do not eat too much; 2. Need to eat; 3. Don't lose a fight, but better to avoid one; 4. Don't get sunstroke. If you do get one, pretend you haven't. 

    @灵犀II:After collecting Huanong Brothers emoji, I'm ready to taste bamboo rat meat.

    @青山不移:What a life here! You can pluck flowers and sow in spring, catch fish with bare hands and cool watermelons with spring in summer, pick chestnuts and wild fruits in fall, and shovel snow and eat hot-pot in winter. I envy you!

    Are you ready for the emoji of our new online celebrity "bamboo rats"?





    About Bamboo Rat

    Bamboo rat has a large body of meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, thick and soft fur, which make it a product with high economic value and medicinal value. It has been mass cultivated in China and has become one of the economically beneficial aquaculture industries.

    In order to meet the needs of the market, in the late 1980s, China began to artificially breed bamboo rats. By the early 1990s, raising bamboo rats had achieved success. At present, bamboo rat breeding is distributed in South China, Central China, East China, Southwest China, etc., especially in the Guangxi Province of South China.


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