The One International Women's Film Festival

    The weather suddenly turned cold, even a strong man like me couldn't help but shiver in the wind... Now, the only two things that can make me go out the door in the chilly weather are hotpot and film.

    While The One International Women's Film Festival is holding, I want to introduce some films that are related to women~ In recent days, even the once-delicate female roles in Disney animations have become independent female fighters. The audiences take more delight to see how women fight their way up to be formidable giants. 


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Director: Lv Le

Scriptwriter: Qin Haiyan

Leading Cast: Yao Chen/ Ma Yili/ Mickey Yuan

Category: Feature

Producing Nation/ Region: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Brief Introduction of the Plot:

    Li Jie (played by Yao Chen), a lawyer in the throes of a divorce, is fighting her ex-husband for the custody of her daughter. She is lucky that her nanny Sun Fang (played by Ma Yili) is there for her and dedicatedly looking after Li Jie's daughter as her own child. After returning from the work place one day, Li Jie found that without any signs of warning, her daughter and Sun Fang just vanished. In seeking the whereabouts of her daughter and Sun Fang, the truth about Sun Fang, the nanny, gradually came to light. 

My Brilliant Career


Director: Gillian Armstrong

Scriptwriter: Eleanor Witcombe 

Leading Cast: Judy Davis/ SamNeill/ WendyHughes 

Category: Feature /Love/Biography

Producing Nation/Region: Australia

Language: English

Brief Introduction of the Plot:

    Judy Davis plays a woman who has all the makings of a writer and the guts to confront the conservative environment. When she was young, the heroine proclaimed her ambition to be a woman of letter. In the early 20th century, when women were not granted the social status they deserved, her story of fighting was a poem featuring the growth of feminism. 

Les plages d'Agnès


Director: Agnès Varda

Scriptwriter: Agnès Varda

Leading Cast: Agnès Varda/ Jane Birkin/ Charlotte Gainsbourg

Category: Documentary/Biography

Producing Nation/ Region: France

Language: French

Brief Introduction to the Plot:

    On her 80th birthday, Agnès Varda celebrated it with a warm and humorous movie entitled Les plages d'Agnès. The movie draws on clips of the movies produced by her and her husband Jacques Demy to revive and relive the major events throughout the life of the director. 

Golden Gate, Silver Light


Director: Louisa Wei

Scriptwriter: Louisa Wei

Leading Cast: Esther Eng/Wu Jinping/Yin-Fei Siu

Category: Documentary

Producing Nation/Region: China

Language: English/ Cantonese

Brief Introduction to the Plot:

    Esther Eng, the Director of this movie, was a Chinese national living in San Francisco. In the 1930s and 1940s, she directed 9 Cantonese movies in Hong Kong and US. As the first overseas Chinese female director directing Hong Kong movies, Esther stood alone. She was a law onto herself who transcended the age. Throughout her life, she was dressed like a man and wore short hair. As a result, people called her "Brother Xia" (Xia is the second character in her Chinese given name). The Chinese restaurant she ran in New York became a legendary landmark. 



Director: Alain Gomis

Scriptwriter: Alain Gomis /Olivier Loustau/Delphine Zingg

Leading Cast: Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu/ Gaetan Claudia/ Papi Mpaka

Category: Feature/Music

Producing Nation/Region: France/Belgium/Senegal/ Germany/ Lebanon

Language: Lingála/French

Brief Introduction to the Plot:

    In Kinshasa, the Congolese capital, Félicité, a single mother, sings at a dive every evening. Her son, Samo, was stricken by a motorcycle crash and needed to amputate. This poor but proud woman had no choice but to borrow money to pay for her son's surgery. In the process she got a helping hand from Tabu, a roustabout, but she was cold shouldered and humiliated by the others. Finally, her son went through an amputation. How could Félicité put herself together, recover from this blow and move on?



Director: Shengwei Zhou

Scriptwriter: Shengwei Zhou

Leading Cast: Fuyang Lyu/ Shengwei Zhou /Zhao Kaixin

Category: Animation

Producing Nation/Area: Mainland China

Language: No dialogue

Brief Introduction to the Plot:

    In a cigarette factory where women are not allowed to wear high heeled shoes, single mother and high heeled shoe "Hua Mulan" cross-dressed as a male shoe to roll cigarettes in order to support her only daughter. After her daughter came of age, she decided to leave this unequal world. 


    The films mentioned above can be watched by purchasing tickets in the website during The One Women's Film Festival (from September 6 to 14 ).

    Don't forget to tell me your feelings after watching~


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