Eyes on Milk Tea~

Amid the countless recommendations on milk tea, please behold this one that truly "cannot be missed"!

Here are some exclusive milk tea recipes, which are contributed by our special team~

Let's welcome the team members to take the floor! (Music)



HIC Maggie Cheung:

Mug Ice Cream Black Tea + Pudding + Pearl, deicing and full sugar! The original sweet flavor, combined with this "Ace Recipe", makes a calorie bomb that can surely put another several pounds of fat on your belly~ 


HIC Zhou Xun:

Four Season Milk Green + Pearl + Caramel, 30% of sugar. Tasty and chewy with nice sweetness~

Takeaway Recommendation: Cuo Nei Village's Longxian Fresh Milk Tea + Purple Rice Taro Ball. Slightly sweet and yummy with strong milk flavor and super-tasty purple rice~

Fruit + Milk Tea + Pearl. Agreeably sweet~ Also, the recipe of Chabaidao, "Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo + Golden Pearl", is highly recommended~


HIC Sun Honglei:

Four Season Milk Green + Coconut Fruit, 70% sweetness. Though this recipe is a common one, a little milk green and coconut fruit indeed taste good and refreshing!


HIC He Sui:

CoCo's Kumquat Lemon + Coconut Fruit, semi-sweet with ice~ This combination is "a must for midsummer", which is sour, sweet, icy, and heat-relieving~


HIC Elephant Dee

Black Tea Macchiato + Coconut Fruit + Pudding. If you want to try a classic style, you can choose Milk Tea + Coconut Fruit, low sugar (the "secret" is that the coconut fruit is a must). The former recipe is suitable for an online celebrity store, while the latter is better in a Gong Cha IFS store.

Takeaway Recommendation:"Lychee + Low Sugar" from Nayuki, combined with the pink package. So cool!

HIC Faye Wong:

Hot Milk Tea with True Milk + Tea. How tasty~


HIC Chris:

Da Tong Icehouse's Hong Kong-style Milk Tea (Ice), which has a multiple level of tea flavors and a silky smooth taste. Highly recommended!


HIC Gillian Chung:

CoCo Jasmine Milk Tea + Red Bean Pudding, sugar-free. Some Milk Green + Mesona Ice Cream, 30% sweetness (be alert that too much milk tea can make you fatty~).



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