Parent-child Time!

With August approaching, kids only have one month of summer vacation to spend. During summertime in Chengdu, there are countless ways of interaction and leisures for parents and children, we have prepared a "prescription" to help you become a better company of your children.


Energetic Type

Scorching sun won't destroy the passion of energetic children to go out and have fun. Playgrounds, zoos, aquariums and parks nearby, climbing and jungle adventures in outer suburbs top the choices for family trips. If it is truly unbearable for you to withstand the heat, then indoor playgrounds with air-conditioning are ideal places. Freeing yourself from all pressure and jumping with children, you will recover your childlike happiness.



Benefits of Outer Suburban Scenic Spots

Scenic Spot of Kangding (Mugecuo)


Free for students and teachers (including higher education).

Dagu Glacier

Free for candidates for senior-high entrance examination or national college entrance examination.

Time: From now to August 31, 2018

Fun in Urban Scenic Spots

Chengdu Happy Valley

Current activity: 2018 International Electronic Music Festival (from now to August 26, 2018)

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park

Current activity: Thai Fun Ice Ocean Festival (from now to August 26, 2018)

Chengdu Zoo

Latest news: on July 9, 2018, the newborn giraffe baby called "Lanlan" turned one-month-old and officially met with tourists.

Recommended Parks for Parent-child Interaction

Downtown: Xinhua Park, Wangjianglou Park, People's Park

West: Huanhuaxi Park, Two-River Urban Forest Park

East: Tazishan Park, Egret Bay Wetland Park, East Lake Park, Qinglong Lake Wetland Park

South: South Lake Park, Jincheng Park, Guixi Ecological Park

North: Phoenix Mountain Park, North Lake Park


Recommended Indoor Playgrounds

KU&FUN PARK (Trampoline, Indoor Ski)

Address: A7 Warehouse, 7322 Factory, No. 26 Gaopan Road, Chengdu

InSPORTS (Rock Climbing, Dunk Trampoline, Dodgeball)

Address: Floor 7, in99 Chengdu Yintai Centre, NO.1199 Tianfu Avenue North, Chengdu

Tatuo American Indoor Extreme Sports (Explore a Balanced Walkway)

Address: Floor 5, CapitaMall Tianfu, No. 388 Tianren Road, Chengdu

KU&FUN PARK蹦床馆.png

Artsy Type

If there is a "little grown-up" in the family who has a strong thirst for knowledge, parents could choose to interact with them in artsy style on this summer vacation. Many ways are there for you to choose, such as reading books together in a downtown bookstore to broaden child's knowledge or visiting various art exhibitions to enrich their perception of the beauty of life at a young age.


Recommended Summer Activities

Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum: Little Docents Summer Programs

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum:Science Popularization Series Activities 

A4 Art Museum: iSTART Children's Art Festival

Zhugeliang Memorial Hall Museum: Activities of Zhugeliang's Creative Market

Daoming • Bamboo Weaving Village: Children's Art Festival

"Drama Kings and Queens"

Families with children usually can't help but using telephones or cameras to capture their cute faces and life moments. If you detect traces of acting talent when recording a video, why not take them to a children's drama training class downtown for a professional learning, to further explore their potential? Don't forget to record at the class-ending performance to see if their "passion for acting" is ever deeper.


Recommended Children's Drama Training Institutions

Free Drama Parent-child Micro Theater (CapitaMall Tianfu)

Hemiao Small Theater (East Suburb Memory)

Drama Workshop (Chengdu Museum)


Have fun!


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