Be A Happy Fat Indoorsman without Cola!

The No. 1 beverage for a happy fat indoorsman is, of course, Cola and Cola of different tastes~


However, you might not be aware that there are quite a number of local sodas in many provinces and cities in China of different tastes and refreshments. 

Here is a few for you to try~

Sichuan: Emei Snow

When talking about Emei Snow, Sichuan buddies might always recall the strong litchi flavor in that soda bubbles. 

This litchi-flavored drink born in 1985 was originally packed in green glass bottles, but now it is either in white glass or plastic bottles.

Because of its characteristic litchi flavor and fresh taste, Emei Snow has been popular in Sichuan for more than 33 years~

Where to get it: Hongqi Chain Store, WuDongFeng, OurHours, and a lot of other CVSs.


Chongqing: Tianfu Cola

Born in 1981, Tianfu Cola became a sensation as a local drink in the first year. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was even sold to the overseas.

Tianfu Cola is a drink refined from herbs such as angelica and rehmannia. It has a slight taste of traditional Chinese medicine and is without that much bubbles and strong cola taste, but it is surely a healthy cola suitable for Buddhism youths, isn't it~ 

Where to get it: Supermarkets and small grocery stores.


Shaanxi: Bingfeng

You come to Shaanxi in vain if you don't drink Bingfeng here. It's even more important than visiting Terra-Cotta Warriors or climbing the Huashan Mountain! (My friends in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi, told me so!)

It looks like an ordinary orange juice drink tasting lighter than Fanta with moderate sweetness. However, the bubbles are tremendous! It is served in classic glass bottles, and you can drink to your heart's content with a straw~

Hey, this is the so-called Shaanxi meal (Bingfeng + cold noodles + meat-stuffed pancake) ?

Where to get it: Almost in every Shaanxi-flavored restaurant.


Shandong: Laoshan Cola

My favorite! I could not help drinking it meal after meal every day when I was in Shandong.

This is "China's first soda drink" born in 1953, and it's been popular ever since. It is the No. 1 drink in Tsingdao of Shandong province, and it is popular in Weihai, Yantai as well.

Compared to Coke Cola and Pepsi Cola, Laoshan Cola is not very sweet. But the fresh herb flavor will quench your thirst and satisfy your taste bud~ Hmmmm, yummy!

Where to get it: The omnipotent on-line shopping.


Guangdong: Aquarius Salty Soda

Different from ordinary sodas, this one contains salt! It is said that people from Shanghai and southern Jiangsu enjoy such salty soda. I haven't got a chance to try yet, and please tell me how it tastes if you drank it before~

Where to get it: The omnipotent on-line shopping.


Time for some Chinese soda, happy fat indoorman~

If you don't understand the meaning of  "set meal of fat otaku", a hot topic among Chinese younth, click "Tips to Refresh Your Holiday" to get the defination~


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