An Ice Cream away from Summer!

How could summer be summer without ice cream? As it becomes increasingly hotter, I have eaten many ice cream… Wait! I guess that's why they commented in my Moments: "Fatty…"

Well…It would be better if we all flesh up than I grow fat alone. So, I'll tell you my secret about ice cream. Let's gather flesh happily together~

Matcha Chocolate Ice Cream

As a time-honored Belgium brand, this ice cream features very tasty chocolate. When the sun beats down, I couldn't wait to order a matcha chocolate ice-cream cone and a cranberry ice cream with chocolate chips.

The matcha chocolate ice-cream cone combines the dense chocolate taste and matcha fragrance. It renders a top-notch taste with the slightly bitter chocolate and light matcha fragrance.

The cranberry ice cream with chocolate chips tastes so good. The cranberry and chocolate chips add an incredible savor to the ice cream. Like!



Price reference: RMB50

Address:Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu and IFS

Thunder Bomb

No wonder there're so many girls waiting in the line. The entire store is filled with a sweet smell. The Magic Dark Cloud Ice Cream is an ice cream topped with a gray cloud-like marshmallow. The marshmallow tastes denser than those I ate in my childhood. This ice cream brings a multi-dimensional taste and magic experience.



Price reference: RMB29

Address: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Panda Ice Cream

One of the online celebrity ice cream stores in Chengdu. The panda ice cream is exclusively designed for Chengdu. With bean and peanut powder sprinkled on top, the ice cream looks and tastes like sticky rice snacks. I really adore it. The ice cream doesn't taste too sweet. You can add caramel if needed.



Price reference: RMB48

Address: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Berry Unicorn

This is a girlish ice cream store. At the first sight upon this colorful store when strolling in the Kuanzhai Alleys, I can't help ordering something in the store. Though the ice cream doesn't taste extraordinary, the ear-shaped pink marshmallow looks cute and bites soft, and the chocolate cone tastes crispy and savory.


UM Ice Cream

Price reference: RMB18

Address: Kuanzhai Alleys

It's Magic Lamp

The name of the ice cream sounds intriguing and it tastes great! Engaging grain powder and caramel chips, this milk-based ice cream tastes smooth and delicate, not too sweet but savory enough.



Price reference: RMB35

Address: IFS

Two-colored Ice Cream

All products sold in this store have matcha ingredients. Decorated in Japanese style, the store exhibits a comfortable feeling. Mixing matcha and milk, the two-colored ice cream features a well-balanced taste. With the typical bitterness of matcha, the ice cream is a perfect option for matcha fans.


Chu Dai

Price reference: RMB18

Address: Kuixinglou Street, Chicony Square

Online Celebrity Pomelo Ice Cream

It looks great but tastes not as good as the hearsay. Slightly bitter and as thin as smoothie, it's more like the ice cream version of the pomelo beverage. Anyway, it does render a cool feeling.


Family Mart

Price reference: RMB6

Address: Family Mart (Hua Xing Street)

Coconut Gray Ice Cream

I thought it would be too sweet, but it actually tastes fresh. With profound coconut fragrance, the coconut shreds taste really great with the crispy chocolate cone. Paper tissue is required when you finish the ice cream with black lips.


Family Mart

Price reference: RMB9

Address: Every Family Mart store

Cremia, Ice Cream from Hokkaido

Cherish this one because only a few KFC stores offer it. Cremia in original savor tastes really good, with thick milk and a "vintage" crispy cone. One ice cream can make you happy.


Cremia Ice Cream in KFC

Price reference: RMB25

Address: Dessert Store, KFC, opposite of Isetan


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