100 "Sichuan Most Beautiful Ancient Villages"

The World Cup is in fierce fighting, but even during this time, football is by no means the only highlight:

Recently, Sichuan announced that, among 24 provincial historical and cultural villages and 869 traditional villages, it will focus on cultivating 100 traditional villages of better foundations, preservation, and distinctive features.

Therefore, Sichuan officially launched the "Most Beautiful Ancient Villages" selection. Through discovering historical elements of excellent traditional villages, and combing relevant texts and image data, a cultivation list of 100 "Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in Sichuan" will be finally determined.


It will take a while to decide the final list. Before that, we prepared several secret villages for you to take an early taste!

Sanfeng Village

Located in Mt. Heming, one of the Taoism birthplaces, Sanfeng Village absorbs the cloud and mist transpiration of the distant Taoist mountains. It enjoys a quiet environment with refreshing air. Here, visitors can practice Tai Chi with Taoists, which is very pleasant.

Address: Heming Township, Dayi County, Chengdu

Depart from downtown Chengdu: About 1.5 hours' drive


Jinxiang Village

Jinxiang Village is the hometown of Mr. He Lin, a famous modern Chinese philosopher. Surrounded by water and mountains, the village has preserved ancient buildings such as the Former Residence of He Lin, the Old House of He Lin, and Shangbanzhu Garden. Viewed from the top of the hill, the village is surrounded by forests with a beautiful scenery.

Address: Wufeng Town, Jintang County, Chengdu City

Depart from downtown Chengdu: About 1 hour's drive


Qinglinkou Village

According to a legend, the village was founded in the Warring States period about 2,200 years ago; the village has well-preserved ancient streets, ancient temples, ancient bridges, and ancient houses, in the typical style of a northern Sichuan market town.

Address: Erlangmiao Town, Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province

Depart from downtown Chengdu: About 3 hours' drive


Heishui Village

The village is a typical Qiang residential area and is known as the "Qiang Village on the Cloud". For over a thousand years, the villagers have been living in a secluded and peaceful life by mountains and water. Here, ancient Qiang stilt buildings, Qing Dynasty ancient tombs, ancient architectural complex, ancient trees and strange woodlot and other scenery will give you an unforgettable experience.

Address: Macao Township, Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province

Depart from downtown Chengdu: About 4 hours' drive 


Each ancient village has their own characteristics. 

Which one would you like to go to?


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