Gain weight on this street

Today, we will explore the fabulous Japanese-cuisine-variety street and see how many gourmet shops worth a visit there. Let's go and find them!

Perfection Sushi

It is said that this sushi shop is the first Japanese restaurant on Tangpa Street. Thanks to the favorable geographic location, the restaurant attracts a lot of people waiting in line at dinning time. Inside the restaurant, you can see L-shaped tables and tatami around, which exemplifies the Japanese style. By the way, the famous "Hell Noodles" of this restaurant, a kind of hand-pulled noodles, taste really spicy as hell. By the way, the sushi onigiri is easily scattered off. 


Yiyue Sushi

How delicate the shop is! Stepping up the stairway entwined with flowers and leaves, you will be surrounded by peace and quietness. Though a small cuisine shop, it is quite beautiful and unique. Look at the simple wooden style, delicate bowls and dishes, small decorative items, and the menu, all of which surprise the customers. The salmon tastes fresh and satisfying and eel temaki is also pretty good.  



This is another gourmet shop with abundant Japanese elements. You can see lanterns in the doorway, sakura inside the shop, and hanging flags, all of which display its characteristics to passers-by on the street. This shop is so small that only five or six tables can be accommodated. The salmon is fresh, but the sushi and temaki taste ordinary, neither good nor bad.


Song Sashimi Sushi

This is another small shop only capable of accommodating five to six tables. Perhaps due to its warm and considerate services, this sashimi shop has a lot of customers. Although it has buffet, the slow serving and no acceptance for reserving in advance make it quite common. Personally, I will not visit it again.


Masan Potato Chips

Although Tangpa Street is nicknamed Japanese-cuisine-variety Street, it does not mean only Japanese cuisine exists here. This gourmet shop is also very popular. On the walls, you can see many notes in Lanzhou dialect. The strong northwest accent does make me feel at home. The fried potato string reminds me of my childhood, when I usually bought snacks of this kind secretively at school gate. Of course, my mom knew nothing about this. I highly recommend potatoes, Doupi, and fermented glutinous rice with milk and eggs. Actually, the wide potato noodles also taste good, but not chewy enough.


Good Good Mexican Grill

This gourmet shop is managed by a foreigner who can speak fluent Chinese. The price here is not cheap. A lot of foreign customers visit the shop. The chicken taco is made up of thin pancake, sauce, and vegetables, similar to a slimmed Subway sandwich, and the difference is that the meat stuffing layer of the taco is a little bit thin. As for the California beef roll, less meat and more chips are contained. Anyway, the roll is enough to make you full. Crispy corn flakes with guacamole jelly taste pretty good, partially because I personally like avocados very much. The dinning environment is just so-so. People usually leave immediately once they eat up.


Diary Coffee House

The decoration style of this shop is quite delicate and exquisite. One wall is specially designed to exhibit a variety of coffee cups; another with diary books, which probably tell the stories of guests. Flipping through them, I find more than twenty books date back to May 2012. It is interesting to record time in this way. The decoration of deep wooden color and warm light here make people relaxed and comfortable.


Let's Grind Fresh Roasted Coffee

Its owner once won the first prize of 2011 WBC World Barista Championship in China, and is a minor celebrity in Chengdu's coffee circle. You can not only taste Italian coffee here, but also buy the freshly baked coffee beans and matched coffee utensils.

Let's Grind Fresh Roasted Coffee.jpg

So, have you decided yet? Which one do you prefer to go to? Or maybe you've been to a better place on this street. Let me know!


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