Got It | It's all about grass

Remember what we learned last week? Today we're gonna teach some words related to "an li". Let's check out.

Got It | It's Your Chinese Class Time!

Feel the attention I'm gives to this Chinese class? Let's check today's new words.

Got It | How to Set Yourself a Flag?

Have you ever set a flag for yourself before "Gaokao"?

Got It | Dark Tech & Slap in the Face

Besides preparing for the holidays, we also need to take care of the stuff in hands. So let's move into the Most " In" Words.

Got It | Wanna Cry: A Global "Xin Sai"

Alright, enough about virus, let's start today's learning by the word XinSai

Got It | For Her, A Thousand Times Over

This weekend comes the Mother's Day. Have you prepared any gifts for your mom.Let us be "chop-hand brigade" today, and begin shopping for her!

Got It | Why Does Someone Not Read?

Let's open your notebooks and learn the most "in" words first~

Got It | How to Save the flat Wed.?

Then when it comes to Wednesday, only studying can cheer we up! So, come to learn the most "in" Chinese with me!

Got it | The Most "In" Words

Even though Chinese is one of the world's most difficult languages, it's not that hard to get if your aim is speaking Chinese. The goal of this column is teaching the latest and most practical Chinese

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