Guide to Application of Chinese Driving License Reissuing

Here is how to apply for Chinese driving license reissuing in Chengdu...

Guide to Chinese Driving License Application

International Driver Permit and Oversea Driver License are invaild in mainland China. If driving in mainland China, foreigners must hold a Chinese driving license...

Guide to New Vehicle Registration

Just became a car owner? Here is what you have to do to register a motor vehicle...

Bus: 4 Free Bus Lines

Since February 28, 2017, passengers can take T1, T1 Expresses, T6, T100 Buses in Chengdu Tianfu New Area for free.

Metro Line 1 Launches WeChat Payment and Alipay Payment

On March 23, 2017, Chengdu Metro Line 1 launches mobile e-payment across the board.

Chengdu Names its Second Belt Expressway "The Sixth Ring Road"

Recently, Chengdu Civil Affairs Bureau officially released a public naming scheme, planning to name the 8.5-km Chengdu Belt Expressway "the Fourth Ring Road".

Passenger Bus: Full-scale Real-Name System Implemented

From April 1, 2017, provincial and municipal-level passenger bus from Chengdu will implement real-name system for check-in.

Shared Bikes in Chengdu ( Part 1)

Preparation1.Download the App and register by your phone number.You can also follow Ofo's official Wechat account to borrow one. Or you can use Mobike by We...

Urban Traffic System (Part 2)

Chengdu Bus / BRT (2nd Elevated Ring Road) / Chengdu Taxi / Future Traffic: Chengdu Tram

Shared Bikes in Chengdu ( Part 2)

The Secret to Bike RidersO: Ofo B: Bluegogo M:MobikeNumber of Bikes: Expected to reach 100,000 (O) in spring. About 40,000 (B) 100,000 (M) About the Users:...