Chengdu helper
New Methods for Utility Payment

This edition of Chengdu Helper we will show everyone a time-saving and effort-efficient way to pay for utility - via WeChat Pay.

Guide to Teahouses in Chengdu

Sichuan people have a long history of drinking tea, and it has a unique teahouse culture. Teahouses are everywhere, as if it were a key to interpreting the city. How to choose your favorite in a large number of teahouses? When you walk into the teahouse,

Guide for Chengdu Public Libraries

Chengdu Helper in this release will guide you how to borrow books from the public libraries in Chengdu.

You have to know the medical guide in CD

Today, "Chengdu Helper" is here to help you seek medical treatment in Chengdu.

Getting Your Chengdu-Based SIM Card

"Chengdu Helper" will show you how to get your very own Chengdu SIM card.

Right Way to Use Tianfu Tong Card

Unlock a more colorful life in Chengdu!

How to use WeChat

?Here is an instruction of using WeChat.

A Guide to Alipay

"How do I pay with ALipay?""Here is the answer."

Various Food Choice with 10RMB in Chengdu

Ever wonder about what you can get with no more than 10kuai note? Follow me to find it out!

More Bread!

Hi there, it's me again ?C Potato Head.I tried 11 types of bread in Chengdu, so time for a report.