Chengdu helper
How to use WeChat

?Here is an instruction of using WeChat.

A Guide to Alipay

"How do I pay with ALipay?""Here is the answer."

Various Food Choice with 10RMB in Chengdu

Ever wonder about what you can get with no more than 10kuai note? Follow me to find it out!

More Bread!

Hi there, it's me again ?C Potato Head.I tried 11 types of bread in Chengdu, so time for a report.

How to Eat Hotpot Like a Local in Chengdu

Today Potato Head will show you how to enjoy hotpot, in Chengdu style.

On the Virtues of a Potato Head

Let me introduce you to all the potato joints you should visit in Chengdu.

From Downtown Area to the Airport: A Fast and Cheap Path

Passengers may take Metro Line 3 or the -soon-to-launch Line 7 to Taipingyuan Station,where they can reach the airport within about 15 minutes , at a cost of mere 4RMB.

Experience TCM Physiotherapy (Part 2)

Make appointment. So easy!Go to the hospital - Registration (TCM Department of Physiotherapy) - Consulting and making appointment - Payment - Start of physical ...

Bring Potted Plants Home for Health Purpose

Although private garden is luxury in urban life, the desire of people for pursuing nature is always there. For the consideration of both beauty and health, more...

Experience TCM Physiotherapy (Part 1)

Traditional Chinese medicine may be mysterious and unknown to not only foreigners but also the youths of urban China. However, such miraculous TCM therapy has n...