Guide for Booking a "Bus Wedding Car"

​Recently, Chengdu Public Transport Group formally unveiled its wedding transport rental service.

Residence Permit in CD for Family Reunion

How to apply a residence permit in Chengdu for family reunion? Check it out.

Work-Type Residence Permit for Foreign

Here's the guide to foreigners' application for work-type residence permit.

Journalist-Type Residence Permit

Here's the guide to foreigners'application for journalist-type residence permit. Check it out.

Registration and Filing of House Leasing

Here's the guide to registration and filing of house leasing.

Is Anything Impossible?

Sockets need to shun away from water; conducting a surgery is a scene of "war-fighting"; drones are complex and difficult to assemble?? These stereotypes are all shattered to pieces in Chengdu~

Record Chengdu Via Painting

What will you do if you do something that you think makes sense every day?

Walking for 100 Years of Life

What is Chengdu in your eyes? When the foreign writer Victor Paul walked on the streets of Chengdu, what kind of Chengdu did he see?

The "Most Beautiful Balcony"

I came up with this Detailed Guide to Building "the Most Beautiful Balcony".

To Be A Better Me

What do you think about when you exercise?