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How to use WeChat

Here is an instruction of using WeChat. Check it out!



  Before learning how to use WeChat, you need:

  - A smart phone

  - A Chinese phone number

  - A Chinese bank card


  Here comes instruction: How to use WeChat


  1. Discover



①  Moments: To check out your friends' feeds or post a moment here (similar to Facebook feeds.)

②  Scan QR code: To add a contact or to pay for something with your WeChat wallet.

③  Shake: To shake your phone to find a random person to chat with. Then you can add the person or send him/her a greeting message.

④  People nearby: To see other “People Nearby” users (who are not yet on your contact list) nearby through the app and add to your contacts or chat with them.





①    Click on the camera icon to post a moment: photos or videos(short live videos).

②    Clike on the "..." icon will appear No.3 &4

③    Click on the heart icon to like a post.

④    To comment on a post.


  2. Me



① Your own QR code, use it when someone else wants to add you as a contact.

② WeChat Wallet (as below): In Wallet, you can paythrough the "Money" button. Check your money balance. You could add your debitcards / credit cards with the "Card" tab so that you’ll make payments and transfers. Besides, you could top up your mobile phones and pay for water, electricity bills with "Utilities" tab and pay your credit card bills with "Card Repay". 

③ Favorites: Save important files or your favorite articles here.

④ My Posts: Check your own posted moments or to post a moment.

⑤ Cards & Offers: You may acquire some coupons in here

⑥ Sticker Gallery: Check out funny stickers that can be downloaded

⑦ Settings: Set up for your WeChat account (as below)


  3. "+" Plus Sign



  Click the plus tab, you will be able to:

  - Start a new chat

  - Add contacts

  - Scan QR code

  - Money: to pay or receive money by scanning your QR code here.


  4. Chats



①To send written messages to others

② To send voice messages to others

③ To send Emoji to others

④ To use following functions



① Album: To share pictures with your friends

③    Use Camera: To take live photos/ short videos and share with others

③ Video Call: To have a video call or voice call with your friends

④    Location: To share your location with others

⑤    Red Packet: To give a red packet to others (It’s common and popular in China)

⑥    Transfer: To transfer money to others


  If you want to use money on Wechat, you have to add a bank card. Now, I will show you how to do it.



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