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A Guide to Alipay

  It's hard to navigate life in China without coming across Alipay. The ubiquitous app expedites payments and is likely to sow the seeds for some truly regrettable Taobao shopping sprees. Even if youpredict a mostly wholesome relationship with Alipay, we can at agree that knowing how to use it is an essential skill to acquire. 

  "How do I pay with ALipay?"

  First of all, you need to download Alipayon your phone.


  Once installed, Alipay will automatically connect with your IPhone's Apple ID and request your card information. Then, you will receivea SMS pin.Enter the pin and set up your login information. Alipay is now ready to go.

  Ta-da, it's the homepage of Alipay and it looks like this below.


  Alipay has multiple functions:

  - Click on the "Scan" or "Pay" button to pay. Use "scan" when the store has a Zhifubao QR code.Use "pay" when the cashier needs to collect money from you. 

  - Transfers happen when you transfer the money to your friend or the seller. You do need the Zhifupao account of the person to whom you are transferring the money.

  - Card Repay is used for paying your credit card. 

  - Top Up is used to top up your phone credit. You can use it to pay and internet utilities bills.

  - Use Movies to purchase buy movie tickets. 

  - Didi Taxi is a popular Chinese taxi-calling platform.

  - Air & Rail. Book flight and train tickets.

  - Share Bike. Scan the OR code on one of the bikes from "bluegog", "OFO" or "youon", and the bike is all yours. (Of course you need to pay for it)

  You need to register before accessing these marvelous functions. So here is a guide.

  Go to the "Me" section at the bottom. When this screen pops up, go to "Bank Cards", and you will have the page below. 


  Now connect your bank account to your Alipay account.Type in your name. 


  If there are still problems during the registration process, you might need to pay your bank a visit to have things verified.

  Do pay some attention here. If you enter the details incorrectly more than three times, you will be temporarily locked out and unable to register again for 24 hours. 

  Hope this helps.


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